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Roc Nation Explains New Rihanna Record

Yesterday, fans of ‘The Final Goodbye’ singer rejoiced in the news that Rihanna‘s ‘Stay’ had become the highest selling ballad by a black female artist, in the US.

Retweeting a fan who shared this information with fans, the performer came under heavy praise from her supporters for nabbing the record, and ultimately snatching it from Beyonce and her heartfelt jam, ‘Halo‘.
Unfortunately, much like the second #1 album she’s yet to score, it emerged that the so called record did not exist- with records by Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Tracy Chapman trumping sales scored by ‘Stay’.
Now peep what Rihanna’s peeps over at Roc Nation have to say on the matter, below!
Choking her own claim this record was held in the USA, the label’s congratulatory tweet came as the song continues to shift major units across the globe, but fails to outperform the very songs her fans believed she had.
One of them, being Chapman’s Grammy award winning ‘Fast Car’ and the other being Leona Lewis’ ‘Bleeding Love’ which reached sales of 4,589,000 in the market last month.

In saying that, the 3 million or so units the release has sold in the US is to be commended considering the time in which it sold them in, and that it will undoubtedly reach or surpass the 4 million mark within a year of its release.

Pretty major, when one considers how difficult other acts have found shifting Dance cuts to the masses of late.
Here’s hoping Riri fact checks before retweeting from now on!

get dat german record riri!!
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