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20 Of The Frostiest Inter-Band Squabbles

It's 10 years this week since Pete Doherty was arrested for burgling Carl Barât's flat, putting a whole new spin on intra-band struggles. Here are 19 more internal squabbles that ensured making sweet music together wasn't as easy as it should've been.

The Rolling Stones have had their tensions. A good one was after a gig in Amsterdam in the mid 80s, when Mick Jagger had been out all night on the sauce and whatnot, and returned at 5am demanding to see "my drummer". His drummer (Charlie Watts, obviously) eventually turned up and laid him out flat, adding the rejoinder, "I'm not your drummer – you're my fucking singer."

Good God, where do you start with Oasis? Probably at the end, in 2009, with Liam nearly taking Noel's face clean off after swiping at him with a vintage guitar. The fitting culmination of a decade and a half of top-drawer bickering.

A band of mod bruisers like The Who could never stay sweetness and light for too long, and yes, so it proved. One set of fisticuffs in 1973, during the recording of 'Quadrophenia', saw Roger Daltrey wallop Pete Townshend so hard that the guitarist suffered temporary amnesia. That's his story anyway.

It's a wonder that brothers Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks managed to hold the band together for so long, what with their proto-Gallagher sibling tiffs. One classic saw Ray stab Dave in the chest with a fork – something to do with a stolen chip. But other members of the band had issues with Dave too, with drummer Mick Avory once throwing a cymbal at his head.

The Followill clan has always been handy – you wouldn't want to rustle any of their cattle. At T In The Park in 2009, their feistiness turned inwards and Kings Of Leon apparently had to be held back before they tore strips off each other.

And you thought they were all united behind the Girl Power facade. Not so. The Spice Girls had their share of spats, usually between the two Mels. "Me and Melanie B used to get a bit pushy-shovey," revealed Mel C, "but I don't think anything's ever been thrown. No injuries inflicted on each other – only mental scars!" You and us both, Mel.

The evil green stuff drove a wedge between the members of My Bloody Valentine in the early 90s. Shields found himself on the receiving end of a five grand monthly retainer from Island Records, who were hoping for him to come up with the next 'Loveless'. But the inertia that followed led to disillusion from Shields' fellow band members and one of the longest hiatuses in pop history.

Sometimes the stories are just sad. During the recording of 2003's 'Think Tank', Blur lost patience with guitarist Graham Coxon's alcohol problems just as he grew weary of where the band were headed. A mutual sundering then, but one tinged with regret. Still, everything's ok now though, right?

What's been eating Sugababes for the last 15 years? Initially it was Keisha Buchanan, who first-out-the-door Siobhan Donaghy called a "bully". Donaghy's passage through the band wasn't helped by Buchanan and Mutya Buena's secret language, but Buchanan found the boot on the other foot when it kicked her out in 2009. Now the original trio, MKS, love each other very much. What's this we're hearing?

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