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Tom Hiddleston takes a mystery woman to dinner at Nobu

aka Loki hangs out with Irene Adler (Lara Pulver)

Tom Hiddleston has been a busy man – almost as busy as the player he was watching at Wimbledon on Sunday, Andy Murray.

The 32-year-old British actor was on Centre Court to see Murray win the men’s singles at SW19, in the company of his new rumoured girlfriend Jane Arthy.

Then the following evening he was seen at smart London restaurant Nobu – but with a different, mystery woman.

Hiddleston was seen holding hands with Arthy at the tennis, and the pair clearly enjoyed their day watching Murray land the men’s singles crown.

Rumours started that Tom is dating Jane, a record executive, after Elle UK editor-in-chief Lorraine Candy tweeted about the pair.

‘I sat next to actor Tom Hiddleston and his girlfriend Jane #wimbledonfinal. He’s a very funny man,’ she wrote.

The next day though Hiddleston was seen at Nobu, the restaurant where Murray and his girlfriend Kim Sears celebrated his famous victory.

He was apparently with a different woman, a brunette wearing a black short dress with black boots. In one picture Hiddleston smiles as he enters the restaurant with the woman.

The handsome actor, named ‘Sexiest Movie Star Alive’ in a poll earlier this year, has been at the midst of rumours about his private life for some time.

Earlier this year Hiddleston was linked Jessica Chastain – and there were even unconfirmed reports that the Thor star was secretly married.

He has said he finds it uncomfortable talking about who he is dating.

‘It's alarming when attention comes your way,’ he said.

For her part Chastain said: ‘In this business it’s very tough to maintain a relationship because we’re like gypsies — always on the move.’

‘And the more you share your relationship with the world the less special it becomes. So I always try to keep my dating life quiet,’ she added.

The actori's [sic] spokesman told MailOnline: ‘I never comment on my clients' private lives.’


prepping my bucket of popcorn waiting for yet another Tumblr storm tbh, at this point Tom should just hang out with a different woman buddy each day to confuse the heck out of everyone lol
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