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A ‘Happy Endings’ Writer Tweeted Out A Bunch Of Rejected Jokes From The Show

Last Friday, after Sony Pictures Television threw in the towel and stopped shopping Happy Endings to other networks, writer Jason Berger went on Twitter and posted a bunch of screencaps of rejected and alternate jokes that never made it into the show. They’re exactly what you’d expect, even if they’re not presented in the ideal format: lightning fast, heavy on pop culture references, and occasionally about Chris Bosh’s weird face. What more could anyone want?

Anyway, why am I posting these now, a full week after they went up on Twitter? Well, a few reasons. One, it’s July 5 and there’s bupkis happening anywhere on the news front, so now is as good a time as any to sit back and reminisce a little about a great show that left us too soon. Two, I completely forgot to do it earlier in the week. And three, there are one or two commenters who always pop up in posts about Happy Endings to rant and rave about how much they hated the show, and I figured it would be nice to give them something to do this afternoon. Here to help, gang.

More under the cut...Collapse )
Some of these jokes should have made it to the show. Still not over ABC cancelling Happy Endings tbh.

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