Arrested Development’s Hidden Jokes: Episodes 3 and 4

You thought we'd stop hunting for hidden gems in episodes one and two of the new Arrested Development season? You thought we couldn't possibly keep going with the extensive Easter egg-finding? Wrong! We can't stop and we won't stop! Here are episodes three and four, featuring all the things you might have missed on your first (and second, and third) viewing. Did you catch all of these? And did we miss any? Let us know below!

Episode 3: "Indian Givers"

Easy one first: We learned that Lindsay isn't the biological daughter of Lucille and George, and have the onscreen graphics to prove it.

Tobias and Lindsay address the gorilla in their room: "This marriage of ours, it isn't working. There's nothing keeping us together." See screengrab.

Cats, hats ... Sound like Dr. Seuss to you? Remind you of anyone from episode one? And does it remind you that Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's production company, Imagine Entertainment, produced both Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat?

After the sham shaman tells her to go find her love (remember, she only read the "eat" and "pray" sections of Eat, Pray, Love), Lindsay returns home and convinces Tobias to buy a house. Who helps them? Ed Helms, in the form of James “I Don’t Sell” Carr(s).

While Tobias and Lindsay get slowly suckered into buying their “dream home,” Maeby draws penises (or phalluses!) on the whiteboard behind them. How are they able to buy the house with no cash? Using a NINJA loan ("NINJA, please!").

The circled flyer reads: “Feeling blue?”

In a flashback, the Fünkes use the “Mommy, What Will I Look Like” signage to trap their Thanksgiving miracle. Remember George Sr. and Kitty’s theoretical child?

Pro tip: Watch Arrested Development with the captions on.

Episode 4: "The B. Team"

A Bob Loblaw Law Bomb? Has Tobias perfected this tongue twister yet? ("You, sir, are a mouthful.")

Michael gets a new car. This one’s the "Something Car" (if you recall, Arrested Development doesn’t like to name-check Google) and perhaps he realizes he hasn’t gotten very far from the infamous stair car after all ...

Once he gets to Imagine Entertainment to meet with Ron Howard (oh-so-meta!), he finds out that Kitty Sanchez works at Imagine. She says, “Michael! Remember me? Perhaps this will jog your memory!” —and then shows him the key card we'd literally pony up as much as $5,318,008 to own if they ever auctioned it on eBay (hint: read that figure upside down on a calculator).

"Not Going Forward Development" — hyphen-deprived fun with in-boxes (Ron Howard, call copyedit, stat!).

Ron Howard invites Michael into this Lunar Excursion Module (LEM); he says that he named each of his kids after where they were conceived. His daughter, Rebel Alley (conceived in an alley, perhaps?), has a child named Lem, hinting that she and her dad share a love for naming gimmicks and mooncraft.

Yet another "old lady Grinch” reference ...

Carrie Fisher pops up in two different scenes: The first, "Carrie Fisher Ankles Big, Too," is a play on Variety parlance (where "ankles" equals "lands a role in"), so would mean she'd been cast in Big, Too, a likely sequel to the Tom Hanks dramedy; and the second is on the computer screen of John Krasinski's assistant to Jerry Bruckheimer, a rival producer whose (smaller) offices are located near Imagine Entertainment headquarters.

... thus, this repeated gag on their respective office buildings being in competition.

Please note that Brian Grazer is holding a script for Cap’n Crunch — a movie we'd all love to see. Meanwhile, the LEM meeting between Ron and Michael had some other fake scripts: Three Men & Two Babies, Tell It to the Hand, and Backgammon! (the last perhaps a nod to last year’s Battleship).

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