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How Madonna went from awesome to irritating

Now she's looking to piss off Muslims. How edgy. Madonna posted the photo on the right below with the word "Inshallah," or "Allah willing."

Transformation … Madonna goes from epic to annoying

MADONNA used to be awesome - but is now simply annoying.

That’s the conclusion we’ve come to after seeing her latest “shocking" snaps.

The Material Girl, 54, has posed in Muslim headgear and posted the shot on Twitter.

Last month, she pointed a pistol at a man’s head to promote her new film. And on her most recent tour she got her boobs out for a baying crowd, snogged her boyfriend on stage and pointed assault rifles at her fans. It seems the star’s love of shock tactics knows no bounds.

But shock is seldom what Madge fans feel any more - boredom and disappointment are closer to the mark. Sadness, perhaps more than anything, because Madonna used to be a pop genius.

Quirky and cool, she showed a generation of women how to march to their own tune. Through hit after catchy hit, we watched and loved her every move. But the adulation dried up. And instead of ageing gracefully, the Vogue singer has clawed on to fame by pulling ever more dodgy stunts.

Her look rarely changes - those arse-flashing fishnets must be knackered by now - and her music is heading down the toilet. So we now publicly beg this woman to stop the madness. Stop trying so damn hard and please bring back Awesome Madge. Or trot off and leave us with us with our memories before your next “controversial" photoshoot takes what little respect for you we have left.

Let’s look at the case for the prosecution…

Nipple ahead...Collapse )
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