New Trailer + Images + Behind The Scenes Featurettes: This Is A "SNOWPIERCER" Megapost, ONTD!


Are you excited for Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer"?

Well, of course you are! But it's a bit of a bummer for those of us stateside anticipating his star-studded, post-apocalyptic movie. While it gears up to open on August 1st in South Korea, U.S. distributors The Weinstein Company haven't even given the movie a date yet, and we'd wager at this point, it probably won't arrive in theaters until 2014. Fall festival apperances? Perhaps that will be in the cards, though the Weinsteins may also be too busy pushing their awards season slate, so you never know. And it might not be quite the same film. They have a history of putting Asian movies on high and dusty shelves, and greeting them with scissors when they get them back down again. Sigh. But at least there is still a lot we can look at until then.

A new trailer and a batch of featurettes and images have dropped for the movie, set aboard a moving train, in which the the upper class resides in luxury while the lower classes eke it out in the less desirable sections, all while a ravaged Earth sits outside. (So kinda like a super contained "Elysium"?) Naturally, those below don't want to keep their place and an uprising begins, which will seem to involve lots of hand-to-hand combat involving axes and spears. Damn. After the trailer, check out a bunch of new film stills and character-driven featurettes with even more footage and a weird animated trailer thing... We're not quite sure what that's for.

As we said, no word yet on when "Snowpiercer" will dock in our station, but we continue to patiently wait...





new snowpiercer 20
new snowpiercer 19
new snowpiercer 18
new snowpiercer 17
new snowpiercer 16
new snowpiercer 15
new snowpiercer 14
new snowpiercer 13

new snowpiercer 12
new snowpiercer 11
new snowpiercer 10
new snowpiercer 09
new snowpiercer 08
new snowpiercer 07
new snowpiercer 06
new snowpiercer 05
new snowpiercer 04
new snowpiercer 03
new snowpiercer 02
new snowpiercer 01

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OMFG so fucking excited for this! The featurettes are so awesome and Kween Tilda is forever amazing! That, and I want to seriously sit on mah hubby Chris Evans's criminally handsome and scruffy face. UNF! Oh, and if you weren't paying attention to the featurettes, Alison Pill's character is apparently the schoolteacher for the children in the front section.

Since I live in the Philippines (which is relatively close to Korea and we have a shitload of Koreans living here), there's a strong chance "Snowpiercer" will premiere earlier here because of our affinity for really big Asian-made films (and the fact that we have a large Korean diaspora). Really hope the ONTD peeps in the US will get to see this soon as well because the Weinstein Company is seriously cockblocking you guys with an unannounced release date.

And belated Fourth of July, ONTD!