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Justin Timberlake Drops NSFW “Tunnel Vision” Video: Does It Copy “Blurred Lines”?


Well, here’s a steamy way to ease yourself into tomorrow’s national holiday! Justin Timberlake has just dropped a video for new single “Tunnel Vision” and it’s an eyebrow-raising affair complete with naked women, snazzy dance moves and a cameo from Timbaland. Leaving the imminent (and perhaps justified) furore about the objectification of women for feminist scholars, let’s address the other elephant in the room. Does JT’s latest visual copy Diane Martel‘s controversial “Blurred Lines” video?

On the surface, the clips are visually different — Robin Thicke and friends prance around in designer suits on a white set, while Justin dresses down to dance (quite magnificently) on a dark soundstage — but the use of bare-breasted women posing next to fully-clothed men is familiar. Particularly when both videos are soundtracked by blue-eyed soul singers.

It’s hard to imagine the similarities escaping the hitmaker or his camp, so is this a way of JT stealing back some of the attention “Blurred Lines” took from his comeback? Perhaps. Check out the video before it’s taken down — just make sure the boss isn’t standing behind you! — and decide for yourself.

Is “Tunnel Vision” a shameless copy of “Blurred Lines” or a work of art in its own right? Opine in the comments below.

Tags: justin timberlake, music / musician (pop), music / musician (r&b and soul), music video

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