Tom Flawless Cruise Is 51: An abridged history of a reclusive actor~

Some interesting facts about Tom Cruise
As Tom Cruise turns a year older, here are some lesser known facts about the star:

~ At age 14, Cruise enrolled in a seminary in Cincinatti to become a priest. He dropped out after one year.
~ He took up acting after losing his place in a wrestling team due to a knee injury.
~ He suffered from dyslexia and claims, that Scientology cured him.
~ Tom was the first actor to star in five consecutive films that grossed $100 million in the USA
~ Valkyrie (2008) caused controversy in Germany due to his Scientology membership, but he was awarded Bambi Courage Award, a category newly created to honour him for working on a sensitive story that wasn’t looked at in Hollywood before.

Rebecca De Mornay
Cruise and his 1983 Risky Business costar were getting frisky off-screen together as well. After meeting on set, the couple lived together in New York from 1983 to 1985 before breaking up.

Mimi Rogers
Cruise married the actress in 1987 when he was 24 years old. While she was the first person to introduce him to Scientology, their love didn't last and they divorced in 1990. In 1993,Rogers joked to Playboy that Cruise "was seriously thinking of becoming a monk...Therefore it became obvious we had to split."

Nicole fucking Kidman
Cruise met Kidman while filming Days of Thunder in 1989 and tied the knot to the Aussie star in 1990, when he was 28. The pair adopted two children, daughter Isabella and son Connor, but separated in 2001. In a 2002 interview with Vanity Fair, she hinted that she sacrificed too much. "I realized I could be fulfilled creatively," she said. "I tried to deny it because it would have been so much easier for me to be by being a wife. I wish it could have been part of my trajectory, but it wasn't."

Penelope Cruz
Cruise-Cruz just couldn't make their 2001 to 2004 romance last. A September 2012 Vanity Fair article reported that the Vanilla Sky costars split because she wouldn't convert to Scientology, refusing to give up her own devout Buddhist beliefs. But in two different statements by the stars' reps, they denied that their religious differences were to blame. "They broke up at the end of January and it's amicable," said Cruise's publicist. Added Cruz's spokesman: "They remain good friends."

Katie Holmes
Cruise's third marriage was sadly not the charm. After getting engaged following two months of dating, the couple welcomed daughter Suri in April 2006 (he was 44; she was 27) and wed in November 2006. By June 2013, the Ohio-born actress shocked Cruise by filing for divorce, asking for primary and physical custody of Suri. In a statement released by his rep, Cruise said he was "deeply saddened" by the breakup. "He is concentrating on his three children," the statement read.

7. "Interview with the Vampire" (Brad Pitt)
Steam factor: 5.5/10 (Okay, fine, there's no actual sex scene here, but we know this movie is brimming with homoeroticism. Plus, "Vampire" author Anne Rice has since revealed the two characters are indeed in a relationship.)

6. "Eyes Wide Shut" (Nicole Kidman)
Steam factor: 6.2/10, because look at how sensually Kidman rips off those glasses

5. "Cocktail" (Elisabeth Shue)
Steam factor: 7/10, because you can never go wrong with sex in front of a beachside fire

3. "Risky Business" (Rebecca DeMorney)
Steam factor: 8.8/10, because sex in public is obviously the best

1. "Top Gun" (Kelly McGillis)
Steam factor: 10/10, because something about shadowy silhouettes means guaranteed Viagra

Happy Tom Cruise Day!

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