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Lucky ★

Mariah Carey releases an another #beautiful dance remix

Mariah Carey released something special for all you party lambs out there (lol). The fifth and final remix might have lagged, especially since it's been four days since her last one, but today she released another remix. The Sidney Samson Dance Remix. This isn't as laid back as the Louie Lazy Vega one (thank god) but it's six and a half minutes of whirring synths and using Mariah's soulful vocals to create something #beautiful.

I promise I'll one day write a blurb that isn't a mess (like the one I typed above). That said, It's a pretty good dance remix, but the remixer really has an obsession with the whammy bar sound. Def. a #beautiful mix though. Also, yaaaas @ me posting all of the dance remixes. I should just get rhinestone embedded jackets that say Messiah Remix Team for those that post them.

Source/Official Tweet with YT link
Tags: mariah carey, new music post

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