Justice League Movie: What We Know So Far

Marvel Studios has a 100% confirmed schedule set in place through 2015. This May Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will kick start with Iron Man 3; Thor: The Dark World will arrive in November; Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be in theaters April of next year; Guardians of the Galaxy will be blasting off in August 2014; The Avengers 2 will reassemble the heroes in May the following year; and Ant-Man will be introduced that November.

But if the Marvel plan is a smoothly paved highway, that makes the DC Cinematic Universe more of the gravely dirt path. In June of last year it looked as though we were on the road towards a legitimate live-action Justice League film, but due to creative issues behind the scenes in the time since the ride has been a bit bumpy. Will Christopher Nolan continue working with in the superhero world post-Man of Steel? What’s the latest on the other heroes in the line-up? There are a lot of questions floating in the ether, and we’re following them to see where they lead.

Just like I did with The Avengers 2 a little while back, I have researched and gathered as much information about the development of the Justice League movie as I could find, as well as information about solo movies that could very well end up being tied into a larger DC Comics movie universe. Read on below for the latest info!

Will Beall
We’ve waded through Justice League rumors for months now, and for the longest time it was Will Beall’s name that was seemingly keeping the project on its feet. Warner Bros. has yet to find a director for the film and all of the casting stories have been rumor at best, but fans held on to the fact that Beall had written a script that the studio had been working on for over a year. But all of that came crashing down last month. Following Gangster Squad’s less-than-stellar reception at the box office it was reported that the studio totally scrapped Beall’s script. Nothing has been confirmed or denied, so the project may now be going in a totally different direction or still right on course.

Wonder Woman
We haven’t heard anything about a solo Wonder Woman film since the Justice League film was first announced, though a rumor back in late January said that she would indeed be a part of the superhero lineup in Justice League. A live-action Wonder Woman fan film has also gotten a lot of people excited recently, though it has no real connection to what’s cooking at Warner Bros.

The Flash
For a while it looked like The Flash was going to be the next big DC superhero to follow Batman, Superman and Green Lantern to the big screen in a solo film, but those hopes have been stuck in development hell for a while now. Last summer it was said Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green were working on a solo Flash film that Greg Berlanti would potentially direct, but we haven’t heard a peep about it since. Like Wonder Woman, the character was listed as being part of the Justice League lineup, but even that hasn’t been totally confirmed. It still may be a while before we see a live-action version of The Flash, kiddos.

Green Lantern
Even after Martin Campbell’s 2011 film Green Lantern underperformed at the box office, Warner Bros. promised that they were still moving forward with plans for a sequel. Those plans haven’t really gone anywhere. A little while after the movie’s release Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov was quoted saying that the plan for Green Lantern 2 is to make it more like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and have a darker tone. Green Lantern was also on the rumored Justice League lineup, but will Ryan Reynolds return or be replaced? It’s still all a mystery.

Christopher Nolan
If I had updated this column even two weeks ago this information would be totally different, but as it stands it looks like there’s a possibility Christopher Nolan could extend his stay in the world of superheroes. For the longest time the director said that Man of Steel would be his last movie with DC Comics, but just recently came the rumor that with Beall’s script gone Nolan has been put in charge of the DC Cinematic Universe. It’s a long-shot rumor given how adamant the Dark Knight filmmaker has been about moving on, and it was just reported that he has committed himself to directing Interstellar as his next film - which should tie him up for a while - but it would only be good news if he decided to stay.

Obviously if Christopher Nolan’s name is mentioned we can’t go further without talking about Batman. In the very same rumor about Nolan’s possible return to the DC Universe post-Man of Steel it was also said that Christian Bale would potentially be coming back as the Caped Crusader, though Bale himself has debunked that rumor. But Bale is far from the only actor to be rumored to play Bats in Justice League. In the last few months there have been stories saying that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing the superhero in the team-up movie, continuing in the world of the Dark Knight Trilogy, but that was denied too. Perhaps it could be Armie Hammer, who was going to play the character in George Miller’s Justice League movie that ended up falling apart? We’ll probably have to wait until the project is on more solid ground before hearing any official casting news.

In many ways the future of Justice League depends on Superman. When Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel comes out this summer we should not only have a better understanding of how Warner Bros. is planning their DC Cinematic Universe (if they actually are), but the box office numbers could very well change the fate of the entire venture. In late January it was reported that the studio is going to wait to see how the new Superman movie does before moving forward with their Avengers-like team-up movie. So if you’re really desperate to see Superman joined by Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash on the big screen I would recommend buying a ticket in June.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck was one of the first names brought up in connection with the recent incarnation of the Justice League movie when the project started gaining speed last summer, but the rumors were ultimately short-lived. In the wake of the rumors it sounds as though WB did approach Affleck about the project, but that he turned it down, saying to press last year "Justice League sounds really exciting, but it's not something I'm working on.” It’s also been said that the studio wanted the Oscar-winning filmmaker as well, but don’t expect that to happen.


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