Game Developer for Eternal Darkness Sequel Arrested for Child Porn: Internet Comments Still Awful

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So the story itself

Kenneth McCulloch, a developer at Precursor Games—the developers who want to create a sequel to Eternal Darkness—is now facing child pornography charges according to Bullet News Niagara and the Niagara Regional Police Service.

McCulloch is being charged with "one count each of possession of child pornography, making child pornography available and accessing child pornography," to be specific.

Last month, Precursor Games held a Kickstarter for Shadows of the Eternals, but the campaign was suspended. In a post on the Precursor Games forums, Paul Caporicci, CEO of Precursor Games—a studio that formed from the ashes of Silicon Knights—says that they learned of the charges today and that due to their serious nature, McCulloch is "no longer affiliated in any way with Precursor Games."

According to the Bullet News report, McCulloch is currently in custody, pending bail. We've contacted Precursor Games about the matter and will update this post as soon as we hear back.

Simple enough, glad he's in jail. Let's see what the commenters at kotaku think.

"We live in a shitty, misandrist society of trial-by-media. This guy might as well kill himself now because, thanks to this kind of crap reporting, he's already tried and condemned.

I would have rather had him named AFTER the conviction. This is why there are false-rape accusations in our society. It's like another Brian Banks in kiddie porn form.

Innocent until proven guilty indeed."


Was he browsing 4chan and clicked on a bad link without knowing it was CP and now he's fucked for life whether he's found guilty or innocent?"

Bending over backwards there to defend him huh

"So... he was sent (possession) a tit pic by a 17 year old fan taken the day before her 18th birthday, looked at it (accessing) and then he showed it (making available) to someone else?"

I like to imagine this guy is furiously cleaning his hard drive at this very moment.

"I think his life is ruined enough, is there really a need to disgrace his name to the world? Just because he's a dev, I'm pretty sure a lot of other CP viewers never get this kind of attention. This is distasteful, and honestly, not your business to write about."


I really hate gamer culture sometimes, and by sometimes I mean literally all the time.