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New Teen Wolf Tumblr Q&A with Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis answered a round of fan-submitted questions on the official teen wolf tumblr.
Here are some of the better ones (and my totally awful one).

Is Derek going to develop a lot this season?
Derek will definitely learn some hard lessons. And he will change quite a bit by the end of this first twelve.

Hey Jeff! Do we see more of Boyd tomorrow? And now that he's back in school, is he aware that the alpha twins are prowling the campus? Thanks!
Yes, you do see more of him. And he's aware of all the alphas.

Is Gerard behind these mysterious kills?
Interesting theory... :)

I'm wondering if it means something so the tree that was at the end of the credits was also the same tree Lydia was drawing in the band room? Does it mean anything??
You are paying attention to the right details.

Will we find out if Scott let Isaac stay with him?
Isaac is living with the McCalls.

Any upcoming Lydia scoop?
We just finished the final post production work on 306 which is a Lydia as a main character episode. And it's one of my favorites.

Scott seems to have a pretty easy time with the full moons... where's the werewolf conflict if the wolves in this verse can learn control so easily?
That was actually a choice we made. How much do we want to portray our wolves as struggling to contain the beast? We did that all first season and I personally felt as though we mined it for all we

Hello Jeff! Will we be seeing Peter on tomorrow night's episode?
Peter and Cora together.

Is there any symbolic meaning behind Lydia's name that relates to what she is?
We choose certain names based on their meaning, but Lydia's wasn't one of them. Hope that doesn't ruin any interesting theories!

How much influence do you have on what the other writers write? Do you revise all the episodes and can you tell them "um, didn't like this bit, can you change it."
The writers contribute tremendously the the whole storyline of the season. We plot out everything together. I do a heavy production rewrite, though, on the scripts. Christian likes to tell me that neither JJ Abrams or Alan Ball rewrote him as much as I did.

Some authors plan the ending of a story, book, show beforehand. Have you given any thought to how you want Teen Wolf to end?
As far as the series finale? No plan.

Hi Jeff, I was wondering how many years has it really been since the fire? Cause Stiles said 10 years in the pilot then Derek said 6 years in the middle of season 1, then Derek said 9 years in 3x09. So how many years has it really been?.
Six. Derek's line in 3x03 was actually "not in years."

How is it possible that the twins' pants combine when they shift together? Does their underwear do it too? (This was my question)
I think Aiden just literally gets sucked into Ethan's body and Ethan's pants stretch to a couple of sizes larger. (that's a terrible answer, sorry).

I keep asking this, I know... but I really wanna know if Peter gets a bigger storyline this year... love the show! <3

Hi Jeff. Deucalion mentioned to Derek that he knew his mom. Is Deucalion possible Mama Hale's old lover or ex?
Not a lover.

Does tomorrow's episode have main character? If so, who?
It is a great Allison episode in my opinion. You see a lot of her struggle.

What was your favorite scene in tomorrow night's episode?
A stitching scene. Crystal Reed gives an amazing performance.

Is Isaac going to have a storyline that won't damage him emotionally?
Well that wouldn't be fun at all.

Will Scott and Isaac's relationshop change now that they're living together?
Yes, it will. They will become closer. Isaac will be risking his life for Scott in tomorrow's episode.

Are there going to be a lot of Sciles this season? I love Scott and Stiles' friendship and I'd love to see a really emotional, friendship affirming scene between them. :d
One of my favorite scenes between them is episode 306

dear jeff, i was really terribly hurt by the way derek and blake were introduced as a “romance” and am resenting the entire storyline to a degree that i never thought possible from this show. considering i'm a diehard sterek shipper, will there come a point where i can love blake?
that’s up to you, suaine. i wonder how you’ll feel when the season is done and if you’re still watching. we try to create a good story. if you don’t feel it’s worth watching anymore all you have to do is stop. i’ve stopped watching many shows i loved! in fact, i stopped watching lost in season 2 but found myself reeled in once again by the season finale. i can say there are many surprises still to come and that haley webb is amazing as jennifer. you learn a lot more about her in upcoming episodes. you may be a sterek shipper but when i started writing the show i had no idea they would be seen as a couple. it was quite a surprise to me. and who knows what will happen? i know that there are a lot of fans out there who have their own ideas of where the story should go, but the truth is no show is written by the fans. it’s written by normal people like me and my team of writers who struggle in a room together trying to come up with an entertaining story. sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed. whether the story is for you, is entirely up to you.

will we ever find out why erica was killed?

jeff!? i have to know which episode the big stiles and lydia episode?!?!?!?!?!?!!? throw me a bone here im dying!!

why is there so much queerbaiting, and no actual queer pairings? quit playing with us
queer pairings is on my list right underneath queerbaiting. i swear we’ll get it to it! :)

was derek aware that isaac's father had thrown glass at him exactly like that, or was he just trying in general to trigger isaac's memories of abuse to get him to leave?
yes, he was. we called it our harry and the henderson’s scene.

will we see some heartfelt scenes between the sheriff and stiles soon??

will we ever get to know more about boyd?
yes, in 306.

what's stiles' sexuality?

will danny show up tomorrow night? since its the bus ride to the cross country meet...
yep. he has a funny scene with stiles tomorrow.

okay, so i get derek's going to be learning a lot of hard lessons, but is he at least going to have some positives this season that won't end in more pain/trauma/heartbreak for him? he needs something good in his life that isn't fleeting or that eventually betrays him. i just don't know how he's even finding the will to keep fighting, the poor guy. so... is there some hope for him, at least, jeff?
yes, he’ll definitely have some positives.

hiii jeff! will we ever get an episode where stiles has his own story and is like the main character of it?

what do you think about people hating derek and saying he could've and should've handled the isaac situation differently????
i find characters who make mistakes more interesting to write. and to watch. we made a concerted effort, for example, to show a real change in scott from season 1 to now. a naive kid who becomes a thoughtful leader. i’m pretty happy with derek’s arc this season. hope you like it too!

hi jeff! there are theories that cora is working with the alpha pack. are those theories in any way correct?
now wouldn’t be a spoiler?

jeff! haha, hey. i love teen wolf! ♡ will there be a new love triangle this season? perhaps between isaac and allison and scott?! :d
i’m not a fan of love triangles actually. i know people love them, but i wanted the allison, isaac and scott situation to take a different direction. let me know what you think after this twelve is done!

can you explain to me why people ship sterek??? i watch the show and i've tried to see it but i just really don't. in fact, i don't ship anything on the show.
well, they do have undeniable chemistry.

is there ever going to be a queer girl as a main character?
we have been talking about that. i think it’s a great idea.

a polyamorous relationship between scott/allison/isaac would be much more fun than a love triangle, don't you think!? :d (also, lydia, boyd, and stiles have taken over the world by the end of the season, right?)

how the hell do you stay positive in the face of so. much. feckless. criticism? fandom does not seem to think you can do anything right, even when it's clear that you're trying. when i read your q&as, i end up wishing i could punch people through the internet. how do you cope?
haha, never google self, never look at tags. you know, i’m creating a product that is put out to a large audience. you have to be ready for critique. especially as the show gets more and more people. but to be honest, wow, people can be mean online. i saw something a while back where someone said they wanted to burn my house down. yeesh.

oh my this is the first time i've ever gotten this timing down. but i really love ms. blake and derek together! will we learn more about her history or is she written with focus on derek? and should we be wary of her and these murders :/
one person! yay.

hey jeff! i hate to be greedy, but how about some more gay/bi guys on the show?

More Questions at the Source
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