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Friends: 10 Best Chandler Bing Moments

Of all six principal characters, Chandler Bing was possibly the one who developed most throughout Friends’ ten years. Starting off as a sarcastic, lovesick loser, he gradually changed, with Monica’s help, into a husband comfortable with his feminine side who became more able to get what he wanted, especially looking at the change from his previous anonymous career to a more interesting advertising role.

Now often cited as one of TV’s most lovably sarcastic characters of all time, Chandler had so many genius moments (or the opposite…) that will never be forgotten. This could never be an exhaustive list, but I hope it represents a good time span over the series, and the chronological order will show his development along the way.

10. Hitting on Rachel
“Excuse me, I seem to have dropped my ball.” “Yeah, so?” “…and now I’ve picked it up again.”

A simple one, but a moment that shows exactly how awkward Chandler was before we first meet the gang properly on Rachel’s failed wedding day. Behaving like a typical man and freaking out when she says she wants to have a meaningless fling with the next guy she sees, Chandler basically leaps into her eyeline with an awkward double entendre. Put together with the awful goatee, this is a hilariously subtle look at possible events in The One That Could Have Been.

9. “I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!”
8. Miss Chandandler Bong

7. Phoebe vs Chandler

The One Where Everyone Finds Out is just one of those brilliant Friends episodes in which some people know something but then not everyone knows that they know something and there ends up being lots of plotting and pitting the friends against each other. In short, it’s one of the best and this scene is the climax of it all: Chandler and Phoebe must both seduce each other to make the other give up first and see who would go furthest.

This leads to many ridiculously hilarious quotes like ”I’m very happy we’re gonna have all the sex” and “Not if I kiss you first” before a kiss actually happens and Chandler breaks, shouting “I love her!” repeatedly whilst waving at Monica. It is a wonderful way to find out that these two characters actually love each other and it gets there in a fantastically original way that Matthew Perry expresses uniquely.

6. The Pivot Scene
Obviously this is as much Ross’ moment as Chandler’s, but his reaction makes it ten times better than it would have been otherwise. With probably one of the best outbursts of “Shut up!” ever seen on TV- complete with tongue waggle- it is simple but Matthew Perry’s comic timing of the Friends era makes it timeless. Even better is the “what did you mean when you said pivot?” added just to wind Ross up even more. It’s a fun example of how the two friends drive each other totally mad but love each other anyway.

5. Swallowing A Toy Gun

4. The Proposal

A soppy one, but a touch of humour is added after Monica has to stop talking for crying and Chandler almost can’t speak either- “I can do this!” This was the perfect moment that we were waiting for all episode after Chandler is bumbling around doing stupid things and making Monica worried, so the fact that they end up doing it mutually is beautiful. The only problem is Chandler’s hideously orange shirt!

3. The Cheesecake

2. The Sarcasm

Even after eight seasons of being best friends with these five people, he is unable to talk about anything serious or offer any real advice to Rachel about her romantic problems with Joey. After offering “I know it’s tough now, but things will get better” and only being quizzed more, Chandler gets desperate and says “I’m not so great at the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? Some cheese?” which just sums him up completely. His role was never as a helpful friend, so this was a great way to see how he handles such a situation, whilst giving us another classic quote in the process.

There was no video provided for this, so I gave you a best lines/moments YT video I found.

1. Advertising Brainstorming

List your favorite Chandler moments!

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