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Hollywood's Top 18 Most Drastic Celebrity Haircuts

Although Britney Spears takes the award for most shocking celebrity meltdown haircut ever, we don't want to overlook the long list of Hollywood stars who aren't afraid to get creative with their coif. Take a look at some before-and-after photos of some of the most outrageous, drastic, and bizarre celebrity snips, clips, shaves, and cuts. Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired to try out a new 'do. Just don't blame us if you hate it.

Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood's hair met the True Death when she traded her long blonde locks (April 2011, left) for a short, pixie-style pompadour (June 2011, right). We hope the 'do is for a movie role and not a new career as a Justin Bieber impersonator. Oh, Queen Sophie Ann, how the mighty have fallen.

Dianna Agron
We were slightly horrified when Dianna Agron (before, January 2011 at left) went full-on soccer mom in Season 2 of Glee, and things only got worse when she chopped off her shoulder-length hair earlier this summer (after, August 2011 at right). However, anything is better than Season 3's Pepto Bismol punk rock dye job. What the heck is going on with you, Quinn Fabray?!

Rooney Mara
To play tough girl Lisbeth Salander in the American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara butchered her hair, shaved her eyebrows, and pierced her nipple, nose, and eyebrow. “I was fazed by the transformation," she dished to Fox411. "The eyebrows changed the way I looked the most, but I would say it freaked me out for maybe two minutes then I was fine."

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway also lopped off her hair for a role: The haircut is a plot point in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Les Misérables. That scene was shot this past spring, and her hair has since grown out a bit (and quite fashionably), as you can see in this photo from July. But compare that style to her long, lustrous tresses from October 2011.

Miley Cyrus
Apparently, there's no such thing as "too short" for Miley. She took to Twitter on August 12 to show off her newest cut, a bleach-blonde punky 'do. Put down the shears, Miley, or else you'll be rocking a chrome dome!

So let's talk hair, ONTD. Any salon horror stories to share? Which celeb hair are you envious of? Let's get some hair porn on here.

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