Evanna Lynch and Ellie Darcey-Alden (Young Lily Evans Potter) Unveiled in New Photo shoots

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As reported, Evanna Lynch will head to the British stage this fall, starring as Bess, the wife of famous magician Harry Houdini in the upcoming production of Houdini. Joining the Harry Potter actress will be Stuart Brennan, who wrote the stage play as well, as Houdini's brother Theo. The first behind-the-scenes photos have been released:

''I'm doing a play soon [Houdini, for the British stage]. I've been living in Los Angeles for a while so I've been doing a little bit of TV and things here and there [Sky1's Sinbad which was cancelled in February 2013 after one season; Apex; It Don't Come Easy; Stray Dogs; Monster Butler with Gary Oldman which was cancelled due to problems with funding; A Very Potter Senior Year], and I did an indie film last year [G.B.F.]. But I want to do more.

I've always wanted to do plays, and LA is not really the scene for it. So I'm going back to London for a few months to do a play about Houdini. I can't get away from magic; you can never stray too far. I'm just so excited to do live performances. It's a bit scary, but exciting.''

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Ellie Darcey-Alden (best known as young Lily Evans Potter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2), recently took part in an updated photo shoot with photographer Jo McLintock for her representative agency A&J Management.


Recently, it was confirmed through A&J Management that Ellie is going to be in the second season of the French-German historical drama TV series Borgia, playing Felice Della Rovere. She also made an appearance in last Christmas Day’s Doctor Who Christmas Special as the character Francesca, starring alongside her younger brother Joseph.

Other projects include a 2012 short film titled Pranks, where she starred in the title role as 12-year-old Katie, which also stars Jenny Seagrove as her on-screen foster mother and her brother Joseph as a ghost child. And another short subject film slated for a 2013 release, Sam & Isobel.

She's also had small parts in the 2008 mini-series Tess of the D'Urbervilles, the 2009 seasons of the TV series Robin Hood and Holby City and will make a cameo in the 2013 film Welcome to the Punch.

A pupil at Edward Feild Primary School in Kidlington, Ellie was not allowed to tell her schoolfriends about her part in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, as she left lessons to travel up to Leavesden Studios and Hatfield House in Hertfordshire for filming [in 2010].

Ellie said: “I am still trying to get over that I am actually in Harry Potter. When I got the part, I was so happy I was speechless.

“It was the best time of my life.”

On her first day on set, the 11-year-old was introduced to 21-year-old star Daniel Radcliffe as his on-screen mother.

She added: “It was very funny. Everyone was so friendly to me and it was really fun.

“At first, it was really difficult to keep the secret.

“But when my friends did find out, they were so happy for me and supported me all the way through it.”

Ellie’s role is crucial to explaining the background which underpins the series’ plot, revealing the complex relationships between Harry’s dead parents and sinister schoolmaster Severus Snape.

She made her stage debut in Oxford Playhouse’s Aladdin in 2007, and has appeared in the BBC’s Holby City, Robin Hood and Tess of the d’Urbevilles.

Her London agents have already tipped her for future success, but her parents said they would still treat her passion as a hobby until she gets older.

Mum Sarah Darcey-Alden, of Yarnton, said: “We cannot express how proud of her we are.

“I never thought when she went to the audition that she would get this part. It is absolutely mind-blowing.”

Edward Feild headteacher Cathryn Wilkes said: “She is a delight to teach, very naturally gifted, and very supportive of her peers.

“We are all really excited about watching the film and spotting our little star.”


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Evanna is hardly conventional, yet I don't get people who trash her looks. I really don't think she's dreadful looking at all. Of course, there's been numerous photos/photo shoots of her in the past that were anything but flattering, but still. I will admit though that she appears 10X better in person. Ellie, on the other hand, is growing up to be very gorgeous, in my opinion. Hard to say if she'll get anywhere with acting. She's only 13.