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Hot Men of Advertising

Anderson Davis
We've never wanted a salad more after seeing the hunky Zesty Guy. Just don't tell that to One Million Moms, who think the naked picnic ad for Kraft dressings is a little too sexy. For the record, we're totally fine with the new ad campaign. Remember, you should always use a condiment.

Isaiah Mustafah
This guy will forever be known as the Old Spice Guy. And he's not only hot, he's funny, too!

Chris Evans
If we're guilty of one thing, it's being mesmerized by the Captain America star's eyes in these Gucci ads.

Benjamin Millepied
Natalie Portman's other half landed himself a gig as the face of YSL's cologne for men. Can you resist the Frenchman's dashing good looks?

Tyson Beckford
The 42-year-old hunk started modeling for Ralph Lauren Polo back in 1993 and is just as sexy today, 20 years later.

David Beckham
David Beckham in Armani underwear. Enough said.

William Levy
The Latin heartthrob's dimples make even M&Ms melt.

Tom Brady
Gisele Bündchen's man is undoubtedly hot, especially when he's getting down and dirty on a bike.

Bradley Cooper
Last but not least, our pal Bradley Cooper. How can we forget his steamy Häagen-Dazs commercial? In fact, let's watch it now!
Tags: bradley cooper, celebrity endorsements, chris evans, tom brady, victoria / david beckham

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