Grumpy Kanye West and Kris Jenner Go to Movies After Baby North's Birth

His girlfriend Kim Kardashian welcomed their first child, a daughter named North, into the world on June 15.
And on Thursday Kanye West was seen for the first time since becoming a new father.
The rapper was spotted stepping out in Los Angeles with Kim's mother Kris Jenner.

And it seems even the joys of bringing a baby into the world can't lift the famously grumpy star's spirits.
Kanye was congratulated on his happy news by a photographer, but the 36-year-old simply snapped 'don't say anything' in response as he marched past.
'You know what I'm saying, don't talk to me,' Kanye added.

When the X17Online photographer said, 'I hope Kim and baby are good,' Kanye hit back: 'Don't talk to me.'
Kris kept her distance from Kanye and walked a few metres to the side of him as they went on an unknown mission together.
While the Kardashian matriarch is usually a media darling, she played down her love of the cameras in Kanye's presence, but couldn't help flashing those pearly whites.

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