Al Reynolds, DMX, and Janetfans...oh my!!

On July 31st, 2006, Janet Jackson made an appearance on BET's 106th & Park. But before the show even started, there was enough excitement a-brewin outside (in what was probably 100 degree weather) for the fans to enjoy.

Special Appearances by: both Al Reynolds & DMX. And while one's appearance was pretty obvious (gay guys love janet), the other's was a bit more complex than that.

Feelings were hurt, tears were shed, and I do believe Jesus Christ himself made a cameo appearance.

Just as a general forewarning. We were NOT allowed to photograph janet WHATSOEVER. So..dont expect any shots of her on set or walking in lol. If we even held our cameras in hand we'd be escorted downstairs with the quickness.

Now..we didn't get to see Jan walk in but we saw the next best person.........

AL PHUCKING REYNOLDS aka Mr. Star Jones, lol.

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This diva strolled in very randomly in a nice, clean suit. I'll admit he looked nice, but MUY homo as he turned the corner to pass security. yay for homos marrying rich and jobless vagina-havers!!

Next was DMX.
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THIS, was classic. Apparently he was scheduled to appear today on 106 & Park. happens in showbiz. Shyt changes. So. He storms out in a huff, runs down to the end of the block and blah blah blah. His wife follows, in tears looking pitiful and tacky as can be. Gotta love ghetto fab celeb couples.

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Someone came out to calm him down, as his feelings were clearly hurt. He made a big, loud entrance..even prompting some uncool fans to do that whole
"DMX, DMX I LOVE YOOOOUUUU" thing. Ugh. twas funny. After they returned inside to kiss and makeup with BET staff and confirm that Yes, negro your day is TOMORROW...NOT today he came back outside and

*wait for it*

started a prayer circle.

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Nothing wrong with a prayer circle...but It was just very random. In the midle of 57th Ave. Just preachifying it up. Telling all in line to bow our heads and be quiet. Umm...okay sure. I was truly shocked. Just walked out...started grabbin up hands and sermonizing for a while. It was cool I guess, cause I'm sure they meant well.

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Call me what you wish, but i laughed more than anything. The most random thing you ever did see. good times, i tell ya..

Source - Alexander

For actual footage of Jan on 106th & Park (if you care,lol) you can check out JanetXone