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An ONTD Original: Why ISN'T it written in the stars for Taylor Swift?

An astrological interpretation of our iconic serial dater.


Past posts have shown that haters who enter get persecuted. Enter at your own risk.

Taylor Swift

Sun: Sagittarius
Moon: Cancer
Rising/Ascendant: Leo
Mercury: Capricorn
Venus: Aquarius
Mars: Scorpio

Taylor Swift is a paradox of strange sorts. With her Sun in freedom loving and enlightened Sag, and her moon in emotional homebody Cancer, she faces the internal struggle: Do I want independence or comfort and love? Moon in Cancer is amplified in her chart as the moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, and it gives natives a deep need for roots and family and considers being alone a fate worse than death; but Sagittarius doesn’t want any roots or commitments, what if tomorrow, they’re called on their next adventure? Sagittarius is the sign of tomorrow, always thinking about the future- even if they’ve done nothing but sit on the couch for a week, there is always the thought that tomorrow can bring ANYTHING to the table, and being true optimists, their hope is irritatingly unwavering. However, Cancer is the sign ‘yesterday’ and Lunar Cancers are very sentimental and reminiscent, and are always recounting their memories and experiences. Her Leo Ascendant plays such a HUGE part as well, especially for those of us looking in from the outside, because the rising sign is the biggest part of her that the public sees- and Leo fits her like a glove. Leo risings have a ‘basic likeableness’ about them- this comes from Leo being the sign that rules over fun & games and natives of Leo rising always look like they’re having a good time, which is what attracts people to them the most. I talked about it with her BFF Selena (who also has a Leo rising) but this position of the ascendant just gives an affinity for showmanship to it’s natives, and makes them concerned about their image because they do have a certain need for attention and adoration, but know they can’t get that if no one likes them (or as I say, What is a Queen of the Jungle without any subjects to rule over?). Leos are big personalities and they will wear their heart on their sleeve, which Taylor does; however, Lunar Cancers are always going to have a certain guardedness and purity or moedsty of thought to them, which combined with this showy Leo extravaganza that is always willing to share is where she gets this try-hard persona sometimes (and a lot of us here always feel like she is holding back). Leo rising also conflicts with her Moon in Cancer because Leo rising does want adoration, as I mentioned, and Cancer wants a deep commitment; together, It think it’s what is giving such a sort of desperate streak to her.

When we look at her “inner planets” (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) a much different picture of Taylor begins to open up. Venus in Aquarius shows someone who really needs to be intellectually captivated by someone they fall in love with, and really needs someone who they can just hang out with and not feel a lot of pressure from. Sex probably isn’t the most important thing- because Venus in Aquarius natives don’t feel a lot of emotional attachment to sex, they approach it more from a curiosity standpoint and get bored if things become too routine. Mars in Scorpio shows another side; because Mars rules over our physical and sexual energy, what makes us angry, and we use that anger- Scorpio is a sign that doesn’t back down from a challenge and doesn’t shy away from all those freaky little secrets and taboos, and when it comes to anger? You lose. Mars in Scorpio is the definition of “seethe and plot” and I think that shows every time we’re in here complaining about her writing a song about a guy- what can you expect from vindictive Mars in Scorpio- luckily she has the nicer positions in her chart that makes a song revenge and not burning down a mofo’s car. Mars in Scorpio is also a position that wants to use sex as a tool- whether it’s giving the most mind blowing sexual performance of one’s life to win someone over or abstaining for long periods of time until the person ‘deserves’ it; either way they’re full of intensity AND privacy (so, we probably won’t be getting any drunken interviews where she tells us who has the biggest dick- sorry guys). The biggest help to her songwriting comes from her Mercury in Capricorn which bestows a clear and concise thought process and enables her to compartmentalize her ideas and clearly express them through that Lunar Cancer recollective imagery and the aloof but fiery delivery of Sagittarius. (And as a hilarious side note, cafeastrology said this about Mercury in Capricorn which was too funny to pass up: “Many squint often--not due to poor eyesight, but because their first reaction to information is skepticism!”)

Joe Jonas

Sun: Leo
Moon: Aquarius
Rising/Ascendant: Libra
Mercury: Virgo
Venus: Virgo
Mars: Virgo

They were attracted to each other by the Leo similarities- with Joe being a Sun in Leo and Taylor’s Leo rising. We know that Joe dumped her, much to her surprise, over a short phone call, but what could’ve gone wrong? Well, we’re going to begin seeing a pattern here- Joe, while fun and easy to be around, is not in touch with his emotions- at all. With an Aquarius moon, he has a logical intuitiveness for people, whereas Taylor’s is more of an emotional intuitiveness, and she was probably unable to really read him because he is so detached from his emotions (due to Moon in Aquarius). Leo’s love to talk a big game but they aren’t promise breakers- that’s going to come more from his Libra side- which wants companionship and is noted for telling people what they want to hear to keep a peaceful environment. I would say that the theory he met someone else is spot on- but, in the name of Libra rising fairness, Leo kindness, and Lunar Aquarian truthfulness, he decided to break up with Taylor real quick so he could go get his dick wet somewhere else without feeling bad.

Taylor Lautner

Sun: Aquarius
Moon: Taurus
Rising/Ascedant: Taurus
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Capricorn
Mars: Capricorn

The only guy we know that Taylor actually dumped! But why? At first, it probably seemed to go along fine, with Swift really appreciating Lautners Sun in Aquarius letting her be her own person, but with his Taurus moon, rising, and Venus and Mars in Capricorn, problems start to arise for Swift. First of all, while he presented himself with that “aloof Aquarian intellect,” you’ll start to find he’s actually rather rigid in this ideals and isn’t a fan of changing his mind (Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs) which just will not do for Swift’s worldy Sagittarius sun who wants to find enlightenment on life in any corner. I would also say, to be honest, that she found him a little boring and even though devoted and committed- still focused on himself a bit much. Because of Swift’s Leo rising and Cancer moon, she wants a “love out loud” kind of love that she can kind of prance around, and she wasn’t going to find it here as Sun in Aquarius natives are not a fan of PDA, and Taurus is more of a private individual who doesn't really want too many knowing their business.

John Mayer

Sun: Libra
Moon: Sagittarius
Rising/Ascendant: UNKNOWN, but assumed water
Mercury: Libra
Venus: Virgo
Mars: Cancer

Unfortunately, I could not find a rising sign for John Mayer, however a couple sites guesstimated it (there is a way to do it without birth time but ehhh....) as Cancer and I personally suspect Pisces or Scorpio, so I’m just gonna run with the general consensus that it’s a water sign.

Once again, Taylor (and many other ladies) picked someone who, at first, she gets long great with- Johns Sun in Libra gives him that friendly charm and grace that we all love about Libra, and as an air sign, has the intellectual capacity to fulfill Taylors Venus in Aquarius. With John being a Lunar Sag, Taylor felt like she found someone who understands that need for a certain amount of independence and who she could mesh with creatively- but that was also the problem- John understands it TOO well. His first instincts and thoughts are always about his own personal freedom, so even though Libra sun wants someone to hang out with a lot, he doesn’t need that person stepping on his toes- but once again, Taylor falls prey to that Libra talk- saying things that he might not totally feel just to keep the peace and keep her from being upset with him, but once she pushed too much, he got that feelings that she wanted too much and cut her loose.... probably more for her own good than she realizes.


Sun: Sagittarius
Moon: Gemini
Rising/Ascedant: Leo
Mercury: Sagittarius
Venus: Sagittarius
Mars: Capricorn

Oh my! Two Sagittarians with matching Leo risings!!! What a great time they had together, enjoying the little adventures of life, laughing and matching wits, taking turns stroking each other’s Leo ego... seeming to have all the same ideals and and impressions of the world, so what could’ve gone so wrong? Well.... AGAIN, poor Taylor fell prey to the devil of air signs, Gemini (and I say this as a Gemini, but we can be real about ourselves like that). With Jake being a Lunar Gemini- he was always friendly, witty, restless, and easy going- willing for the most part to go along with whatever. But, with this position comes with that Gemini trait of being able to talk your way in and out of a lot of bullshit- and Taylor really isn’t equipped to deal with the tricky wordsmithing of a Lunar Gemini. Again also, we see this trend of someone who won’t really be in touch with their feelings- Gemini is a sign that loves to think their emotions, which is what gives them their inconsistent “two faced” reputation. Lunar Gemini’s are mentally fickle- and ultimately, very much about themselves, and I think the inconsistency of the relationship and of him as a person was too much and with her Lunar Cancer, making her easily butthurt and passive aggressive (caused by his wishy-washiness) which was too much for Jake.

Harry Styyyyyyyles

Sun: Aquarius
Moon: Libra
Rising/Ascedant: Gemini
Mercury: Pisces
Venus: Aquarius
Mars: Aquarius

Harry, Harry, Harry- he’s the triple air threat. So with the good parts of being communicative, sociable, fun to be around, knowledge seeking, and peace loving- you also get the aaaalllllllll the bad of air signs- flaky, inconsistent, emotionally detached, “know-it-all” syndrome, restlessness and getting bored easily, and words that do not match actions. Since Harry is young, and a man, he probably hasn’t come to terms yet with the fact that he will do best in a low pressure relationship with a chill girl who can just hang out and doesn’t take it personally if he changes his mind, ideas, or plans. Taylor is not this girl. Hanging out and having fun is fine, but when you blow her off or “rain on her parade,” her Moon in Cancer is going to take that personally to the heart, and her Sag Sun/Leo rising will take it straight to the ego- Harry might be a little bit condescending, and probably poked too much fun at her sometimes, leaving her feeling insecure. I don’t know what it is about Aquarius sun/Gemini Rising that does that, but I’ve known 2 people with that combo (and both had Moon in Gem) and they have this habit of asserting themself through a certain snarky wit that turns some people off.

For Taylor to be happy, I think it’s time she gets away from these fire/air combos- which are obviously piquing her intellectual mind and love of fun, but she isn’t finding anyone with any emotional depth, which she’ll need. I am actually feeling her with a Pisces with a fire moon (Sag or Leo, but not Aries, they’re too bossy) and air rising- preferably Aquarius because they’re the most understanding of needing independence and the most straight-forward. It’ll be hard for her with a water sign at first because, especially with men, these are “wimpier” types, which doesn’t appeal to her- Mars in Scorpio shows that she does need a little bad boy in her dick scavenging. She also needs to reconcile within herself this deep need to love and be loved while also fighting for independence and freedom.

Source for celeb birthcharts
My tumblr tutorial on how to read natal charts
My tumblr tutorial on how to interpret your sun & moon signs

Alright, OP question of the post: What sign are your exes (crushes, fuck buddies, whateeeva) and why did it end?

And a special shout out to sarmoti for showing me the path to better formatting!!!! I am forever in your debt. (although, no matter how hard I tried to make these pictures smaller, they just weren't having it.)
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