First Trailer Revealed for Alan Rickman's 'Dust' + More BTS/Promo Stills

Note: The video embed may not work so it can be watched HERE @ Source 1, courtesy of the official YouTube channel for the Palm Springs International Film Festival, PalmSpringsShortFest, in promotion of their 2013 line-up.

Original Synopsis via the Official Site

TODD, a 60-something loner with a twitch, follows young JESSICA (7) and her MUM home from school. He waits until nightfall before breaking into their house and creeps into Jessica’s room. Lifting the helpless, sleeping child off her pillow, he locates… a tooth! In a fit of compulsion, Todd crushes the tooth and snorts it from Jessica’s bedside table. Wings burst out of his back and he leaps from her window, freed for another short while... until his tooth fairy addiction hits again. The next day after school, Jessica heads towards an ice cream van, a gleaming new coin in hand...



Updated Synopsis

TODD, a 60-something loner with a twitch, follows young JESSICA (7) and her MUM home from school. He waits for nightfall and breaks into the house. While Mum's distracted in the bathroom, Todd creeps into Jessica's bedroom, where events take an unexpected turn...

DUST stars Golden Globe, BAFTA and Emmy winning actor, Alan Rickman, alongside the critically acclaimed Jodie Whittaker (Attack The Block, St Trinians, Venus), and introduces 7 year old Lola Albert.

DUST is a 6-7 minute short film, written and directed by us, Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell.


From IMDb

Dust, starring Alan Rickman and Jodie Whittaker, is the short story of a man who follows a young girl and her mum home from school one day. He waits outside their house until nightfall before breaking in. Once inside, events take an unexpected turn...




An online blogger who was able to attend the Dust screening at the Palm Springs International ShortFest 2013 had this to say about the film (*mild warning: ton of fan bias; certain unnecessary portions were removed):


Back from Palm Springs and the Dust showing. Worth the gas, time and money to drive from LA, and I absolutely DO want to see it over and over. [...]

Alan is superb. I didn’t realize before just how deliberately and perfectly he moves, and must pay attention to that in other roles. When he sneaks up the stairs — poetry in motion! As we all know, in the first few minutes, this homeless guy is stalking the mom and her daughter from the girl’s school all the way to inside their home. It is ominous, and the tension builds.

In the Q&A afterward, the director explained what we fans knew already. One of the producers is a friend of Alan’s and he acted in this shoestring budget film for free. Alan insisted that the directors prepare a storyboard of the film to prove they knew what they were doing, before he would agree. I appreciate even more now the storyboard pic of the intense scene. You could really feel the tension in the theater as he went to the bed and lifted the little girl up… It was near-Hitchcockian. The crowd went wild when they realized why he was there.

Now the green screen pix of the filming make sense!

I spoke with one of the young Dust directors afterward for awhile. Very nice guy with the air of a young Hugh Grant. He’s definitely going to be successful.

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Oh my, this FINALLY went through! Only been trying to post this since... the 11th.

Thoughts on the film; this here is only an opinion: No matter how fucked up the concept still sounds (child stalker and then faeries???) and minus the less than appealing, unimpressive title (there are other films out there called ''Dust''; they seriously couldn't come up with anything else?), I'm still strangely intrigued by this. Even with the more than obvious, uncomfortable vibes I get from this ''Todd'' character that he is without a doubt at borderline paedophilic/stalker status. Actually, the whole paedophilia theme mixed with a freakish fairytale theme is a bit out there all together. Either way, this is saying a lot in the favour of the actual filmmakers and less so of the 'star,' given that, in my honest opinion, Rickman produces a ton of shit and I really don't care for 90% of what he makes (the other 10% is generally acceptable and I do respect him as an actor, but I'm no female and I'm no fan). So, there is so much respect for the filmmakers right now for inventing something so unconventional yet so imaginative. And ultimately, so ''what the actual fuck did I just read/watch/see?!'' It's nothing special to say in the least, but it's 'different', in a way. I wouldn't have otherwise known about this film if it weren't for the gorgeous concept art floating around online. And the soundtrack is jarring if not wholly memorable. I’ll be looking forward to seeing something else from these guys again (Ben and Jake). If they can think of something this creepy and in a way so immensely twisted and unexpected as a compulsive, homeless [paedophilic] bloke turning out to be [Spoiler (click to open)]a modern impression of the tooth faerie with a queer addiction to tooth dust is to cocaine -- and this is just an under 10 minute film -- can you imagine what they could do with a full-length feature film? Mind blown. But please, no more borderline paedophilic stalkers. No one could possibly sit through more than 8 minutes of this, give or take a few.