'Austenland' poster revealed...

In the latest Jane Austen-themed romcom "Austenland," Keri Russell plays Jane Hayes, a woman who becomes obsessed with the BBC miniseries of "Pride and Prejudice" and travels to an Austen re-enactment theme park to find herself a dashing gentleman, ideally someone along the lines of Mr. Darcy himself. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Shannon Hale. Moviefone debuted the poster today, which shows Keri Russell geeking out over Mr. Darcy (join the club, honey). Hopefully she's also read the book if she's going to survive in the world of Austen.

Jennifer Coolidge plays Jane's buxom sidekick who is sure to get a few laughs in. Also starring is J.J. Feild, a period piece vet who played Henry Tilney in "Northanger Abbey," and seems a likely contender for Jane's hero. Rounding out the cast is unlikely period pick Bret McKenzie ("Flight of the Concords"). Can he pull off the breeches and top hat enough to compete with Feild? Time will tell.

No trailer yet, but two clips from the movie have already been released. "Austenland" is out August 16.