One Direction Interviewed by The Bert Show in Atlanta

The last time The Bert Show interviewed One Direction, specifically Niall and Harry, during the Up All Night Tour last summer, the video became quite popular, getting over 2 million views on YouTube.

Even more intriguing, however, was the apparent flirtation between Niall and one of the interviewers, Kristin Klingshirn, who's 15 years his senior. After the interview, they engaged in flirty Twitter DMs and texts, which she later disclosed on the radio show. Suffice it to say that Niall wasn't exactly pleased that she talked about their "relationship" on air.

But cut to a year later, and The Bert Show has the only radio interview with One Direction during the US leg of their tour. Coincidence? I think not.

Unfortunately, there's no video this time around, but have a listen at the boys doing their best American accents and more. Plus, listen to Kristin's account of her long-awaited reunion with Niall.

The 1D interview:

Kristin's experience after the interview:

Niall and Kristin, via her Instagram