Joan Rivers talks about being on 'Wife Swap' with Bristol Palin..

Joan Rivers lived with Bristol Palin on the upcoming season premiere of "Celebrity Wife Swap," but did the unlikely duo get along? Joan encountered the single mom for the June 23 episode of the ABC series when her own daughter, Melissa, traded places with Bristol.

"They're very nice girls. They're scared girls," Joan said of the Palin sisters on Tuesday's Access Hollywood Live . "The mother is so out there and so opinionated and they're very careful, constantly [thinking] that they're going to make the wrong step." Joan only lived with Bristol for the episode, but her daughter, Melissa, spent time in Alaska with Willow Palin (Bristol's sister), and Bristol's son Tripp, 4.

The "Fashion Police" star told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover that she was surprised by how much of the world Bristol has yet to enjoy.

"[She's] very, very pretty, terribly shy, very closeted. She'd never been to a Broadway musical. I was sitting there with six gay friends, our mouths dropped," Joan recalled. "She's never been to Europe. That's why I said, 'Come live with me for a month, boy, oh boy, would we have a good time! Let's go to Venice and put our feet in the canal. Let's have fun.' It sounds stupid, but I felt very sorry for her and I liked her tremendously, and [she is] so nice, not a mean bone in her body."

By the end of the experience, Joan said she and Bristol had bonded. "We all cried when the week was up," she explained. "Melissa and Willow were crying and kissing and I was hugging Bristol saying, 'Come to New York I want to show you some Jews!'" In addition to Joan's "Celebrity Wife Swap" on June 23, catch Joan and Melissa all week as they take over E!. Also catch them on nightly episodes of "Fashion Police."


Do you still watch this shit reality show, ONTD? Ngl, I loved the old episodes....BOW TO THE KING: