Somebody call those fucking dancing lobsters: Amanda Bynes tweets homophobic remark.

Well. Just as I was pretending to get excited about Amanda Bynes‘s forthcoming rap album (produced by the one and only Waka Flocka Flame), she goes and disappoints again. As we know, Amanda has come at just about everybody on Twitter– Rihanna, Jenny McCarthy, even her former celebrity crush Drake. And now there’s a whole, entire demographic that she can’t eff with. If you’re gay and you love Amanda Bynes, I have some really crushing news for you today. Amanda can’t eff with you right now. Not sure why, not sure why she felt the need to tell all of Twitter, but this is what it is. Oh, and she also got that nose job that’s gonna totally change her life.

Well. If you’re Amanda Bynes… I can’t eff with you. Like, not even a little bit.

Anyway, last time she made those horrific comments about how Rihanna got attacked by Chris Brownbecause she’s ugly, I think she went for the ‘my account got hacked‘ defense. Let’s see if she takes that same route this time around.


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