John Mayer's Music Video for 'Paper Doll' Casts Prancercise Star

I've never had a reason to pay attention to anything related to John Mayer because his music sounds like the inside of a Starbucks... UNTIL TODAY, when he released the official music video for his new song "Paper Doll," starring the 61-year old exercise maven Joanna Rohrback "romancercising" throughout the video. (The song itself is supposed to be a jab at his failed relationship with Taylor Swift, who's "Dear John" song is also referring to their now well-documented breakup.)

Apparently when the original Prancercise workout video went viral a few months ago, the Florida resident and inventor of the unique dancey workout, and author of the book Prancercise: the Art of Spiritual and Physical Excellence supposedly caught John Mayer's attention when he was noticed that his new song lined up perfectly with her prancing. Watch her softly flutter and prance through the streets over the course of the song, and I dare you not to fall in love with this video. IT'S AMAZING.

Let's prance!