Flavor Flav fried chicken restaurant officially evicted? Flav himself says otherwise!!!

LANDLORD VICTORY BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII -- Flavor Flav's Fried Chicken & Ribs has officially been evicted from its location in Sterling Heights, Michigan ... and police wasted no time clearing staff out of the location, TMZ has learned.

The signed eviction order was affixed to the front door today following a bitter legal battle between Flav's business partners and the landlord, who sued to evict them earlier this month ... accusing Flav's team of stiffing the property owner on more than $20,000 in unpaid rent.

Sources close to the restaurant tell TMZ, police showed up this morning to kick out the staff and change the locks on the doors.

For Flav's part, his business associates claim they didn't pay rent because of a faulty heating unit on the property -- which was allegedly spewing carbon monoxide -- but their excuse apparently hasn't helped their case.

Calls to Flav's camp weren't returned.

Ribs in peace.


HOWEVER -- the Flavor Flav's Chicken and Ribs Facebook page says otherwise in a series of posts just hours old!!

Wikipedia writes of Flav's original restaurant based in Clinton, Iowa, "The founders hoped that Flav's Fried Chicken would be the first of a national restaurant franchise; like KFC, it used a secret recipe."

"I'll deal with the menu first. If you're a "Chicken and Ribs" place, the word "patty" shouldn't be on your menu. That was a joke. The biscuits were pan fried Bisquick, and it was underwhelming at best."

"The wait time to GET the food once ordered...well, let's just say it stretches the definition of "fast" in "fast food". I almost get the vibe that Flav would be better served trying to open this as a "restaurant" rather than "a fast food joint". And if he actually IS trying to run it as a restaurant and not a fast food joint...well, then it's a restaurant dressed up as a fast food joint, because it looks like the interior of every Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King, etc., on the planet."

"The mac n' cheese - trust me folks, this place got nothin' on a box of Kraft..."

"Nothing spectacular. The ribs were dry, rough, and didn't fall off the bone as you'd expect. BBQ sauce wasn't anything special. Mac and Cheese wasn't cheesy. Fries were stale."


In the midst of this confusion, Flavor Flav awaits his September felony trial for assault with a weapon and child endangerment charges.