Kim Kardashian pictured in bikini just days before giving birth

She suffered throughout what she described as a difficult and painful pregnancy, but in the few days before she was rushed to hospital with suspected preeclampsia there was a sanguine beauty about Kim Kardashian as she relaxed in Los Angeles sunshine.

The 32-year-old looked beautiful as she showed off her expectant form in a pretty bikini while relaxing by a pool with friends.

She gained a substantial amount of weight during her pregnancy and Kardashian is apparently already trying to shift those pounds.

Meanwhile it's been revealed that the baby's name does NOT start with a 'k': 'They're not quite ready to announce the name yet, a source close to the couple tells Us Weekly.
'But the name definitely does not start with a K, despite all the rumors that have been out.'

The reality star is reported to have just left hospital following the birth of her daughter in the early hours of Saturday morning according to Hollywood Life.

And according to reports she can’t wait to get back in the gym and regain her slim figure.
‘She’s already looking ahead to when she can exercise again,’ a source told Us Weekly.
Another added: ‘She really wants to get back into shape. It’s important to her.’

She looks 100% better in a bikini than she ever did in those pregnancy outfits tbh. time to fire the stylist