Heather Locklear and Chelsea Handler Talk Semen as Beauty Product

Heather Locklear recently joked to paparazzi that a little semen on her face is what keeps her from looking her age.

On Tuesday's Chelsea Lately, the 51-year-old actress laughingly explained why she claimed "semen" was her secret for looking young.

"I liked your answer—when somebody asked how you stay looking so young, you said...," Chelsea Handler started.

"Semen!" Locklear interjected with a grin. "Which isn't true!"

"Well, I mean I think it might be true somewhere," she clarified. "But we walked out of a restaurant and the paparazzi are there…"

"So now, all over the Internet, it says you use semen to stay looking so young," Handler said of the quippy answer Locklear gave the photographers.

Handler then added, "By the way, there are products that have semen in them—and I'm, like, why would I need to buy that?"

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Idk tbh. I'm just bored and wanted an excuse for a beauty post.