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Ninna Faye

In "Why...." Fashion News: Home Depot Tote Bags Are Trending

From "it" bags to mass-market designer collaborations, fashion items often aren't trendy until they're all sold out. Part of human nature is to want what we can't have. Sometimes that's an Hermes Birkin, other times it's Missoni for Target clothing. Today it's a $2.99 Home Depot reusable tote. Yes, really.

Paper Magazine recently noticed the signature orange tote bags from the big-box store popping up on Instagram and in hipster party photos in New York City. When fashion lifestyles brand VFILES held a karaoke party one stylish guest was carrying the reusable orange tote. Then another fashionable chick was spotted in a Home Depot jacket at the annual Pop Souk event at the hip Standard Hotel Biergarten. Typically well-dressed men have been wearing this $188 Found "Factory Defect" by Heron Preston tee with a giant Home Depot logo on the back, but they're all sold out. Photographer Renata Raksha posted an Instagram photo of herself outside Home Depot carrying the tote bag. And lastly, singer Lauren Devine also posed in front of Home Depot for an Instagram while commenting on the "hottie situation" at the Bedford-Stuyvesant location she playfully calls "Homme Depot."

Wow, it looks like Home Depot is cool!? That orange bag you've previously discarded without a fleeting thought? You really want it now, don't you? But it's been discontinued. Nooo! We did find a smaller tote (with a tinier, less in-your-face logo) still available for 99 cents. If you really want one, snatch it up fast or get thee to your closest Home Depot store immediately. (There must be something in your home that needs repairing, right?) It also has a 97-cent painter's cap.

We've scoured eBay for a giant orange tote with no luck. We did, however, find 286 results for "home depot shirt" and a handful of the trendy "Factory Defect" tees selling for up to $229. But how far would you go for a bag or T-shirt from Home Depot — a store known for affordable home improvement goods? Perhaps it's time to start stockpiling reusable totes from Lowe's.



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