‘I’m not a feminist because I have a penis.’ – the world according to James Deen


On feminism: ‘Why am I not a feminist? Because… I have a penis. Seriously, I believe in respect, I believe in equality. If someone’s an asshole, then you treat them like an asshole. If they’re a woman and they’re an asshole, then you treat them like a female asshole.’

On objectifying women:
‘I get objectified all the time. We’re objectifying people as much as mainstream entertainment objectifies people. I haven’t done extensive research but Metro, from what I’ve seen of it, you objectify the s*** out of everybody, which is fine – it’s your job and it sells.’

On his parents: ‘There’s nothing really to be embarrassed about. I mean, it’s the equivalent of saying, when Brad Pitt goes home for the holidays, are his parents embarrassed about what he’s done?’

On Lindsay Lohan:
‘I didn’t really know anything about her before the movie. I knew who she was, obviously, she’s Lindsay Lohan! I’d never even heard of Mean Girls, what’s Mean Girls?’

On the future:
‘Kids have never interested me, they’re always sticky. They have, like, jam hands. But I like the idea of getting married – I would enjoy that.’