‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 3 ‘Fireflies’ just aired! What’d you think?

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 3 just finished airing on the East Coast! Come read a brief recap and discuss “Fireflies” with your fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 3 “Fireflies” began with Boyd on the hunt, chasing after a pair of kids that were out in the woods catching fireflies. It was a close call with the kids, but Scott ended up saving them before Boyd could do any damage. In the process, however, Scott and Derek lost both Boyd and Cora.

Back in Lydia’s room, she’s recovered from the fit we saw at the end of the last episode, but has a raging headache. She goes out to the store to get some Advil, but instead of ending up at the store, she accidentally finds herself at the pool where she discovers a dead body.

We get a brief flashback of Scott telling Allison that her mother tried to kill him, along with Derek taking Erica’s body away. In the next scene, we see a couple enjoying a camping trip together. But, of course, things go horribly wrong. When one of the girls runs out of the tent after she sees it’s covered in bugs, she runs through the woods and away from the safety of the camp. Bugs surround her, and take her away.

Across town, Scott decides to ask Mr. Argent for help catching the rogue werewolves. After a little reluctance, he agrees, though none of them know that Allison is doing her own tracking. Chris, Derek, Scott, and Isaac decide to trap Cora and Boyd in the school. However, they don’t realize Ms. Blake, the English teacher, is working late.

Stiles and Lydia talk about what happened and how she found the dead body, but she says she doesn’t know. They both come to the same conclusion — the last time she didn’t realize what she was doing, Peter was involved.

Speaking of Peter, he comes out of the shadows to tell Derek he should let Scott be the hero. Both he and Derek, Peter says, live in shades of gray. Peter doesn’t seem particularly against letting Boyd and Cora live or killing them off, and we’re once again left wondering what his motivations are.

Meanwhile, Stiles visits the hospital and has Scott’s mom show him the dead bodies. They both have identical marks, any number of which could have killed them. One thing is obvious, however: Boyd and Cora did not kill the young man at the pool.

Unfortunately, one of the dead bodies ends up being Heather. Stiles is obviously upset, but he also thinks he figures out what is going on.

Back in the school, Scott and Derek successfully trap Boyd and Cora in the boiler room. Little do they know, though, that Ms. Blake is in there with them. Derek charges in and barely subdues Cora and Boyd, and rescues the teacher.

In the morgue, Stiles tells Scott he thinks these murders are actually sacrifices.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 4 “Unleashed” will air next week, Monday, June 24 at 10 PM EST on MTV.


Was kinda bored tonight. Meh hope next weeks better.

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