British Politician Responds to Nigella Lawson Story With Respectful Gravitas


Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party and Member of the European Parliament, tweeted his reactions to pictures showing celebrity chef Nigella Lawson apparently being choked by her husband.

When greeted with disgust and outrage, Griffin - who considers himself a 'modernizer' despite previous convictions for inciting racial hatred (and being a holocaust denier, among other issues) - was quick to change his tune.

LOL, j/k again.

A spokesman for the BNP told The Huffington Post UK: “I think he likes her cooking. It’s a joke.”

When it was pointed out the comment had caused offence, he added: “If people can't see there is a sense of humour there, I pity them.”

Whether old rich white British men just don't understand the offense of chortling about pictures of domestic abuse or whether they simply find it too droll to control themselves, Griffin is still joking about it.

Aaaand he just can't stop digging himself in:

And this D-bag's twitter
Wiki on this guy showing that he's a flop of a human being and pretty much abhorred by polite society.