GUESS WHO I MET? (oh yeah, 2 icons in 4 days. im having the best week ever.)



another legend TO ME. i know this comm is torn on her. i have loved her since 2004, and im happy i got to meet 2 of my fave idols in one week. ive met amanda before, and she's fucking rad.


and she signed some of my fave lyrics on my leg. im gonna get it tattooed on me, bc shes been so meaningful to me in the last almost 10 years - so i photoed it, gonna have it sized properly and get it copied perfectly by a great text tattooist. if anyone in the nyc area knows of one (and can show examples?) please do!

hope this is as amusing to me as my courtney love post was! to everyone that had my back in that post, i send you love! the internet is a hell of a drug.