Webcomic Creator Agrees To Go “The Full Monty” To Raise Kickstarter Funds

When The Young Protectors creator Alex Woolfson came up with a $50,000 “Full Monty Reward” stretch goal for his 30-day Kickstarter to raise funds to print his comic, he thought it was unlikely he’d have to deliver. After all, that target was well over 300% of his $14,000 goal. He was wrong. Funding for his gay superhero comic cleared $53,000 in just 11 days.
The stunned comic creator promises, though, that he will deliver the goods. Luckily for the world, it’ll be the characters of his comic who will be taking their pants off. Here was how he described the reward on his project page:
“…my long-time readers know that my policy for the romance scenes in my comics is to keep things no more steamy that what you’d see in an R-rated film. If I’m creating a romance scene, I definitely want it to feel sexy and exciting. But there are certain things I choose to leave to the reader’s imagination—specifically, uncovered weenies.

But over the two years I’ve been posting my webcomics, I’ve gotten some feedback that there are those among you who would, frankly, like me to free the willies in my comics from this constraint. And while I will stick to my policy for the printed book and posted webcomic pages, I recognize that a Kickstarter project is something special.
So, if things go crazy and we hit $50,000 in pledges and you want the full monty with my characters, you’ll finally be able to get the full monty with my characters. :) .”
Woolfson, who is also using this project to create 2.5″ x 3.5″ trading cards of his characters, will now offer fully nude versions of art from the cards featuring characters who are over 18-year-old in his story to his backers. And the backers for the still-running Kickstarter project now also have the option to vote for other rewards to be similarly revealing.
Woolfson said, “This is my second Kickstarter project and, based on what I learned on the last one for my graphic novel Artifice, I really tried to think of ways to make it fun for backers. And make sure that they’re going to get rewards, they’re really going to like. So, I came up with the idea of sending out 24-hour Voting links where they could tell me exactly what they wanted to get.”

Upcoming stretch goals include an “Action Team Up/Battle Print” where backers can vote on who they want in it and whether they want these characters fighting together or fighting each other, a “Sexy Height Chart” featuring the guys of The Young Protectors in their underwear lined up by height against a height chart where backers can vote to have the underwear off and a “Truth or Dare Bonus Comic” where backers will be able to come up with and vote on Truth or Dare questions which the heroes will answer in a brand new, short comic.

With all this focus on sex in the rewards, we asked Woolfson if he was concerned that people might get the idea that his work was all about sex.
“Not really. Anyone who reads more than ten pages of my comics will realize that I’m looking to tell compelling genre stories with fully realized characters. The backers know this is all just for fun and that’s the spirit they are taking this in. As a gay guy, you can be made to feel a lot of shame around your sexuality, so it can be tempting to over-react and try to appear completely asexual. But I’ve been very clear that what we create will still be very tasteful and in line with all the rest of my work.

“Look, I wrote The Young Protectors because I loved action movies and superhero comics as a kid,” Woolfson said. “But I never got to see what I really wanted to see and that’s kick-ass genre stories with heroes who just happened to like other guys. Both withThe Young Protectors and my previous sci-fi graphic novel, Artifice, I’m trying to create the kind of stories I always wanted to see. What’s been most gratifying about both of my Kickstarter projects is discovering that a lot of other people have been wanting to see the exact same thing. So, in addition to the powerful Action Prints with exciting fight scenes and Trading Cards that show off each character’s powers that I’m offering as rewards, I’m happy to create a few ‘sexy’ prints and ‘Romance Cards’ if it adds a little fun for my readers.”
Woolfson believes “adding fun” for backers is the secret ingredient for success with crowdfunding services like Kickstarter.
“I’ve noticed that a lot of folks approach a crowdfunding project with the idea that you’re getting folks to ‘donate’ to you, like you’re a charity. And while I do think it’s important that your goal be something that actually adds some value to the world, my opinion is that ‘donation thinking’ is wrong-headed. It makes you think that a Kickstarter project is all about you. When it’s not. Not if you want to succeed, anyway. It has to be about the backers and creating things that matter to them. And finding ways for them to have as much fun with the process as you, the creator, are going to have. It’s about offering rewards that are at least as valuable as what they’d get for the same money in a store, and ideally, a whole lot more. That’s what I think is the secret to success with a crowdfunded project.”

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