Sam and Cat #Pilot Recap and Review

Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are back on Nickelodeon reprising their roles as Sam Puckett (from iCarly) and Cat Valentine (from Victorious), respectively. In the new show appropriately titled Sam and Cat, the two become unlikely friends and start a baby sitting service to make extra money. Here's a recap of the first episode, #Pilot. Yes, all the episode titles are hashtags, clever right?

The show starts out as Sam arrives in Los Angeles as she grabs a burrito from a food truck. As Sam looks on from a distance, Cat helps these two boys rescue a cat which ends up being in a trash can. When Cat’s gum falls out of her mouth in the garbage can a trash truck comes and dumps her in without realizing it. It’s Sam to the rescue as she catches up with the truck and runs into the garbage part of the truck where Cat recognizes her and passes out.

When they’re all dirty, Cat offers Sam a place to shower at her nona’s house and they’ll eventually convince a limo driver to drive them there because Sam doesn't want to dirty up her motorcycle. Back out the house we meet Dice, one of Cat’s neighbors who loves selling celebrity stuff, in this case it was celebrity hair. He recognizes Sam and wants her hair. In the same scene we meet nona who babysits for other children in the building.

One of my favorite scenes takes place in the middle of the night where Sam sleeps on the sleeper-sofa and Cat’s nona folds her up into the couch well sleep walking, Cat hears the commotion and assumes it’s a “ghost couch” but eventually figures it out. There’s a bit of a bonding moment between the two as they discuss how long Sam plans on staying before nona comes back and folds both of them into the couch.

The next day when Cat returns from school, Sam reveals that she took Nona to live in Elderly Acres and Cat freaks out. When they go out to go to the elderly place they run into the kids that nona normally babysits and decides to take them with since their mom had already left. When they get to Elderly Acres, Cat runs to find her nona as Sam sends the kids out on a motorized scooter as something fun. Cat tries to convince nona to come home but after nona tells her she’s happy being there and promises to come over to visit Cat.

Elsewhere, the kids are causing quite the problem at Inside Out Burger where they ordered some food and didn't have money to pay for it and tormented the manager as they drive the scooter around the parking lot with the manager chasing him. Sam and Cat get their in the middle of all the action as the manager passes out and they save his life. He then declares that both them get free cheeseburgers for life.

Back at the apartment, Dice gets Sam’s hair as Cat and the kids play video games when the kids’ mom comes to pick them up. The kids tell them how Sam and Cat were the best babysitters ever. The mom pays Sam and asks if they want to babysit again, Cat says sure. Sam gets ready to leave on her motorcycle and Cat convinces her to stay because of their “fun odd couple dynamic” and “potential for more adventures.”

The episode ends with Cat basically annoying Sam as they drive to Inside Out Burger on Sam's motorcycle.

Final Verdict (Opinion): I have to say when I heard the concept for this show, I wasn't sure I would like it. But Dan Schneider never fails to bring the funny and it looks like he has another hit on his hands with Sam and Cat. The two characters are so opposite of each other and you would think it wouldn't work, but it really does. I also love the look and feel of the show, especially the theme song it has a old-timey sitcom feel to it and it's great.

The two are the most unlikely friends in the world but they're super funny together and I can't wait to watch all their upcoming adventures this season.


Tbh, I really liked the show. It's an okay drama about two girls that really need help from each other if you ignore the laugh track.