Sex and the City: See Samantha Jones' Fashion Evolution

When it comes to sass and style, no one can outdo Sex and the City's own Samantha Jones!
The brazen bombshell played by Kim Cattrall is fearless when it comes to hot hookups and suggestive styles, so it should come to no surprise that her character was often clad in curve-hugging dresses with plunging necklines and barely there backs.
As for accessories, we often saw the successful career woman flaunting lavish jewels and pricey handbags for all to envy.

Most remarkably, the confident character pulled off primary colors with exciting panache and rocked bold '80s-inspired silhouettes with undeniable elegance.
What would look dowdy and dated on most women, looked exuberant and becoming on Samantha!
And as her character evolved into a more sophisticated and wiser woman, her wardrobe reflected as such.
As we celebrate the beloved show's 15th anniversary, take a look at Samantha Jones' fashion evolution on Sex and the City!

A Lady By Day…

…But a sex-kitten by night. That's Samantha Jones in season one. Though she's determined to make it the top of the PR heap with her eponymous agency, she's not yet dressing to kill. Samantha may look work-lunch appropriate in a lavender jacket and black top, but underneath is a sexy vixen about to break free.

Bold and Beautiful

In season two, wild-child Samantha goes from wearing a white fur coat to a funeral to a dominatrix outfit that would make any man blush. Yet she also knows how to work pretty print dresses and office-appropriate silk blouses such as this striped one. Once again, Samantha proves she's nothing if not versatile—in sex as well as in style.

Red, White and Hot

For Samantha, season three is all about accepting her age (she's older than her friends) and lack of relationship as the other girls pair up with steady boyfriends. The result is a Samantha that is as unapologetic about her clothes as she is about her sexuality. Even in the heat, she shows her sultry style with a black and white striped blouse knotted to show a little skin, white hip-hugging pants and bold red accessories.

Lady in Red

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Samantha sizzles in a sexy red halter dress while out on the town. A bold silver choker necklace draws added interest to her décolletage.

Broken Hearts

Samantha experiences a true milestone in season four: She falls in love with hotelier Richard Wright. And with that, her style becomes slightly more sophisticated and classy, yet still seductive. But Samantha's suspicions that her new beau can't help but stray get the best of her: She follows Richard home one day and finds him in bed with another woman. The betrayal shakes Samantha to her core, and the once cocksure dame loses her confidence…but only temporarily.

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