Andrew Lau/Martin Scorsese's ROTGD begins production, Justin Chon, Harry Shum, MC Jin and more cast

Some interesting movie news... It looks like we'll be seeing the likes of Harry Shum Jr. (Glee), Justin Chon (Twilight, 21 & Over), Youtube star KevJumba, Leonard Wu (Veronica Mars) and rapper MC Jin starring in Revenge of the Green Dragons.

Production has already begun on the gangster action thriller, which is inspired by a New Yorker article on the Chinese American underworld. It will be directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs) and executive produced by Martin Scorsese (The Departed, Gangs of New York). Based on real events previously written up by the New Yorker magazine about Chinese gangs in New York, the story follows Sonny and Steven, two immigrant brothers who joining the powerful Flushing gang, the Green Dragons. The brothers quickly rise up the ranks, drawing the unwanted attention of hard-boiled city cops. After an ill-fated love affair pits Sonny against his gang's leader, he sets out for revenge on the gang who made him who he is.

The film's IMDb page already lists Glee's Harry Shum Jr. and Eugenia Yuan as part of the cast. But some rumors began circulating this week that Justin, Kevin and Jin have roles in the movie. The speculation seemed to be confirmed by a couple of intriguing tweets between the actors. So far Justin Chon and Leonard Wu have been confirmed to have leading roles.

Revenge of the Green Dragons, ceremony to commence principal photography on June 6th, 2013

Video on set in Richmond Hills, Queens, NY

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