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Colin Farrell mega post

Yoga with his sister Claudine in L.A.

He's known for being one of Hollywood's bad boys.

But Colin Farrell is a lot more than a scruffy face and tatted exterior.

The 37-year-old Irish actor was seen picking up his son Henry from school in Studio City, California on Thursday, proving that he's every inch a doting dad as well.

Lifting the weight from his son, Colin carried his three-year-old's lunch bag, juice box, and sneakers.

That way, Henry was able to run barefoot on the sidewalk, releasing some of his playful energy that had been stored up during class.

The Total Recall star stayed close behind, trying to keep up with his kid's steady pace.

He appeared dressed down for the occasion, sporting a blue shirt that was unbuttoned to reveal his muscular chest, teamed with a pair of black and white athletic trousers and sneakers.

Colin has Henry from his relationship with Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus.

The Horrible Bosses star also has another child from his past relationship with U.S. model Kim Bordenave, a nine-year-old son James.

He quit drinking eight years ago and is focused on his family - he shares custody of his two sons with their mothers in Los Angeles.

A girl who had her hair in foils today rushed out of a salon when she saw Colin Farrell leaving the studio of his personal trainer in LA. She got to the car just as he got inside. She talked to him and they chatted for a while. She ran to her car and grabbed two books to give to Colin. Before she left Colin gives her some gum which she takes from him. Some people nearby had noticed that the star was around and had started to gather but he left shortly after.

Colin Farrell showed off his biceps and tattoos at Hollywood producer Joel Silver's annual Memorial Day party.

The 36-year-old Irish actor arrived at the Malibu bash on Monday wearing dark indigo jeans and a blue T-shirt with the short sleeves rolled up.

Colin displayed a red heart tattoo on his left shoulder that had a script banner with his mother's name Rita scrawled on it.

The actor was joined at the party by his sister and personal assistant Claudine and Kate Beckinsale, his co-star in 2012's Total Recall.

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