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bunch of bogans

Comedy group branded 'repulsive' by Matt Lucas after they simulated a sex act next to a six-month-old baby and its terrified relatives

An Australian comedy group has been labelled 'repulsive' after posting a prank video on YouTube featuring one of its members performing a lewd act next to a baby.

Melbourne-based The Janoskians have faced widespread criticism over the video which features members of the group masturbating in public and shows one member telling a six-week-old child's mother that her 'baby is sexy'.

Among those to criticise the controversial video is Little Britain comedian Matt Lucas who took to Twitter today to condemn the group as 'school bullies'.

Controversial: The Janoskians, pictured arriving at Heathrow Airport earlier this year, have been criticised for their 'repulsive new video prank

Bad taste: The prank sees the group pretending to masturbate in public with one scene featuring one member of the group telling a mother that her six month old baby is 'sexy'

He posted: 'The social purpose of comedy, as well as being entertainment, is to push the envelope and test boundaries.

'When an established act like me publicly criticises a new act, it can look like sour grapes. But I don't care. I think someone needs to say something.'

'The @janoskians may think they're brave and edgy. They're not. They're just school bullies.

'I hope they see sense and take the clip down.'

Criticism: Little Britain comedian Matt Lucas sparked a Twitter storm after calling a new comedy video 'repulsive'

Lucas' comments sparked debate on Twitter with many agreeing with the former Shooting Stars comedian while others branded him a hypocrite referencing some of his near the mark portrayals of homosexuals and disabled people.

Samia Islam tweeted: 'That new Janoskians video is absolutely disgucting and horrible.'

Another user called @Jonas_Starkid added: @janoskians you guys disgust me. You aren't funny, you're an embarrassment to Australia.'

The video features members of the group performing a solo sex act under escalators, in shopping centres and at bus stops.

But the controversy seemed to leave The Janoskians undeterred however.

The group posted on their own Twitter page today: 'The hole purpose of Public W*****g is to see the unseen reactions (sic).

'It's never been done before and it's interesting to see reactions.

'For the people who think we took it too far have really closed minds about the subject (sic).

'It was acting and if you couldn't tell, we weren't really w*****g. Not only (that) the baby would never understand what's going on.

'The hole purpose was to see the mother's reaction. And it was good. Definitely our favourite video (sic).'

Hitting out: Little Britain star Matt Lucas expressed his disgust at the group's latest video

Jai Brooks, a member of the group, even tweeted Matt Lucas to thank him for the publicity his comments had stirred up.

He said: Thanks for taking out your time for us and writing a whole page essay on us and promoting our 'disgusting video'.'

The group gained millions of fans when they began posting videos of their antics on YouTube.

They are currently on a world tour. smfh....

this is their latest apology

bunch of ugly, derro bogans.

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