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Anna Friel’s hair extension falls out after drunken scrap

Exclusive: Anna Friel’s drunken night out last Thursday got pretty hairy when her hair extensions fell out in front of everyone at a London celeb haunt.

The former Brookside actress made a spectacle of herself at a private members club in Soho when she fought with a female companion on a couch and knocked her wine over.

‘Everyone couldn’t stop looking. Anna was making a complete spectacle of herself with a blonde female friend,’ said a witness.

‘Nobody could work out if there were really fighting or if it was some kind of bizarre rehearsal but they were wrestling each other on the couch. The were grabbing and clawing at each other’s faces and knocking over glasses of wine as they scrapped. Anna was barking at her friend “Stop it! Don’t do that!”’

But The Look Of Love Hollywood star was left red faced when the pair decided to cool off and go outside for a cigarette only to find her hair extensions had fallen out.

The guest said: ‘A lock of fake hair was hanging off her lumberjack shirt. One female punter quietly told her it had fallen out. She told the woman “Not all my hair is extensions, just the front bits to make it look longer”. She then clipped it back in.’

Also in the bar were US rocker Jared Leto and some members of Coldplay.

The 36-year-old single mother then ordered a bottle of take away white wine and was last seen chugging on a cigarette in her limousine as the curtain came down on a chaotic night.

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