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Jeff Davis answers questions on the teenwolf tumblr, picture heavy so be warned

Is season three gonna make me cry?
-It will make you ugly cry. That kind of "what's happening to your face eww wipe your nose" crying.

What can the fans expect this season?

Which character was the most fun to write for this season?
-Hard to answer as I love all my children equally. But I can say it was quite fun to introduce Deucalion in the first episode.

Was Derek actually the one to bute Victoria? if no, will we find out who this season?
-Those are definitely his teeth marks on her shoulder.

but he didn't say that he was the one to turn her, still really suspect over that scene

Will Danny know the truth about supernatural being this season?!
-Too spoilery for me to answer.

he means yes

Are we going to learn more about Stiles's mom and Scott's dad?
-A lot more.

How soon into Season 3 will we see Scott become a real Alpha? Will it be in the first few episodes or after that?
-That's if he does become a real Alpha.

Was there anything you would have done differently in seasons 1 and/or 2 if you were given the chance?
-Yes. The last episode of season 2 was a bit of a clusterfuck. I would do an Executive Producer's Version of 212 if I had the time and money.

I'm glad you realise how bad that ep is

Have you ever thought of Teen Wolf with a female lead? Or a female best friend for the lead? Like, what if Scott were a girl? Or even Stiles?
-We thought about a female lead when we were first talking about doing the pilot.

Will Peter and Lydia have any significant interaction this season?
-Oh yes. Oh yesssss.

Is Jackson gonna show up at all for the first episode of season 3 at least? ):
-Unfortunately, no. Colton is off having a great time shooting Arrow with my friend Greg Berlanti.

Any chance we may see a queer female character sometime?
-Third episode.

Do you expect any of the new characters to stay for prospective future seasons already?
-I already know two who are staying.

Does Scott's mom actually die? Who else will turn into a big bad wolf? How many packs and Alphas are there?.
-I will tell you that Melissa Ponzio had the same frea I won't tell if it comes true.

I love Scott and Stiles's friendship. So thank you for writing it. I know you said that there will be sweet and deep moments between them but will their friendship also be tested?
-Deeply tested.

While writing the 2nd half of season 3, do you already have an idea of what season 4 would entail?
-Yes, we do actually. And it's a bit jaw-dropping actually. We would be doing some crazy things.

How many seasons are planned for Teen Wolf? Will that change since season 3 is getting more than the standard 12 episodes?
-Our order so far is just through to the end of Season 3.

Will the different colored eyes be explained?

Are all the other character getting redemption arcs to make up for the bad things they did, or is that just Allison?
-Flawed characters are for more interesting to me. Everyone will need redemption at certain points.

Does Allison ever find out the truth about her mother's daeth? That she was trying to kill Scott and Derek was protecting him?
-You'll find out sooner than later.

Will we be getting more insight into Lydia's feelings for Stiles? Whether she sees him as a friend, or if she'll ever entertain the possibility that it could be more?
-Yes indeed. But you may need to wait a few episodes.

Will we ind out what exactly Lydia's so-called "power" is in Season 3?
-Oh yes. And it was really fun to write actually. Holland's acting just floors us every time we watch her.

Do you have an opinion on who the next actor to play the Doctor should be?
-I'll say that Matt Smith's shoes will be very hard to fill.

-Ooh, no. No fairies.

lbr I only added the last two cos they made me laugh
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