Breaking News: Sailor Moon Musicals to Return this September!

The new anime may have been delayed until further notice, but Sailor Moon editor Osabu-P has just confirmed that the popular musical series based on the hit manga (known as "Sera Myu") will return with its sixteenth installation this September! Cast, staff, and further details will be released tomorrow on the official Sailor Moon website when tickets will also go on pre-sale.

Edit #1: Tuxedo Mask will be played by a WOMAN!
Edit #2: The show will run for sixteen performances between September 13 and September 23.

Edit #3: The cast is as follows:

Sailor Moon: Ookubo Satomi (
Sailor Mercury: Matsuura Miyabi (
Sailor Mars Nanaki Kanon (
Sailor Jupiter: Takahashi Yuu (
Sailor Venus: Sakata Shiori (
Tuxedo Kamen: Yamato Yuuga (