Zoe Saldana Snagged Herself A Boo

What do you do when the world is buzzing about your sexuality? You go snatch you up a fine boo and kiss him all over Capri, that’s what you do.

Or at least, that’s the story of Zoe Saldana this week. After she made a comment about it being a possibility that she’d have another woman raising her future kids, she couldn’t seem to avoid questions surrounding her alleged bi-sexuality during the promo runs for Star Trek Into Darkness.

Now, she has a new boo to hush everyone up. His name is Marco Perego, and he’s a former professional soccer player who turned into an artist after suffering a leg injury. He’s Italian, he resembles Johnny Depp and his claim to fame is a sculpture of a bloody Amy Winehouse titled “The Only Good Rock Star is A Dead Rock Star.”

Oh, and he loves himself some Zoe! He definitely couldn’t keep his lips off of her during a recent romantic trip.