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Aaron Tveit on WWHL: Boners, Horror Movies, and His Favorite Word

Aaron Tveit Talks Boners, Horror Movies and His Favorite Fricative on Watch What Happens Live
By Marc Snetiker May 30, 2013 - 11:28AM

Diehard fans of Broadway vet Aaron Tveit no doubt tuned in to watch the Graceland star sit in the hot seat with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. Joining fellow guest Ethan Hawke, Tveit got down to business with all of Cohen’s typically off-kilter interview games including “Outside the Actor’s Studio” (in which Tveit revealed his first celebrity crush), “Teach Me Your Talent” (in which Tveit reprised his one-handed clap) and “Tveit Ball of Fire” (in which Tveit demonstrated a tongue-tied approach to horror movies). Watch the clips of the great Tveit below!

This is also known as where the OP made a total ass of herself. I did NOT mean for that to happen and it sorta did. I swore (a little too loudly, oops at me) and so I got up and asked my question. I was seriously red as a tomato afterwards. It was pretty funny but I wanted to die at the same time. LOL I saw Daniel at the after party and I mentioned I had met him at the Upfronts and he was like "you asked a great question!" Score one for me!

I was at the screening in New York yesterday and let me tell you, that shaved head is sexy as hell in person. The hair cape was glorious and I love it but this is pretty hot and I love it. I don't understand my life anymore.

I am also greatly enjoying the hell out of the tumblr meltdown over his hair and him having a girlfriend. If that makes me a terrible person...oh well.

ETA: A stream of the show for those outside the US. Thanks, id57!

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