Dwyane Wade Allegedly Cheating On Gabrielle Union With White Woman

Didn’t Gabby say Wade was “happy” with her? Guess not….

We recently reported that actress Gabrielle Union fired shots at her boo D-Wade’s ex wife on her Instagram account. Well, it looks like she’s not the only one going crazy via social networks.

A blonde groupie by the name of Rachel Vegas has been posting pics via her Instagram account bragging about the lavish court-side seats and expensive gifts Dwyane Wade allegedly bought her.

The young lady refers to her chocolate baller boo as “DW” in the photos….

Dayum! These out of pocket groupies have no decorum or understand their place in the hierarchy of a baller’s life. The wifey is ALWAYS first, then main side-hoe, side-ho, fly out box, THEN the groupie! These hoes be acting up and you ballers be letting them…

Hit the flip to see what else “DW” has been buying the jumpoff as well as some other famous ballers she has been linked to!


Oh here go hell come