.......so this happened.

T-ara N4 perform at Chris Brown's Palms Pool show in Las Vegas

T-ara N4 got to perform at the Palms Pool in Las Vegas for Chris Brown's show!

Palms Pool is one of the hottest places to be in Las Vegas, and the girls got to perform "Countryside Life" in front of a party crowd. They ditched their usual stage attire to go for sleeker, pool-friendly outfits instead.

Sadly, their stages weren't exactly met with the warmest response. The whole situation seems a bit awkward and reportedly the DJ cut them off mid-performance, so they had to come back onto the stage for a second performance.

What do you think about their performance?

omg at the end Eunjung tells the crowd: "I don't care" and "You didn't deserve us!" D: D: D:

worst kpop source on the internet but whatevs

so basically chris brown asked this korean girl group (who korea basically hates now) to come and sing at his event. So they come, but he does his stuff first and then bails on them without introducing them or doing his rap section like he said he would and basically throws them to the wolves. So here these Korean girls are, barely able to speak English, without anyone introducing them and without Chris there to legitimize them having to perform a shit remix for a crowd that is totally not their target audience or market. Nice job Chris

Here is also a really sad fanaccount of what happened:


so basically, never trust chris brown. ever. (and they still have a bunch of performances they're contracted for, plus an appearance at the BET Awards. This trainwreck is just beginnning)