Ray J Finally Admits That "I Hit It First" Is About Kim Kardashian

Is Ray J finally ready to admit what we all already knew?

The singer's most recent single, entitled "I Hit it First" has a blurred out picture of ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian on the album cover and makes more than a few references to his famous ex in both the song and the video. Despite the fact that everyone immediately put the pieces together (it didn't take too much detective work), Ray J refused to admit that the song was, in fact, about Kim....until now!

During a recent visit to The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy asked Ray J if he was still denying that the song was about Kim. "I never denied it," he responded. "I just felt like in the promotional campaign to go so hard after you kind of know what the song is about...so, I just let the song speak for itself." Mission accomplished on that one! He says that he didn't want to push it during the promotional campaign because everyone already knew what the song was about. So, that takes care of that... While Ray J's song might not be the nicest gesture he could have thrown in Kim's direction, he did send a big "congratulations" to her and Kanye who are expecting their first child this summer.

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