my life has been slayed: Scandal Season 2 Finale Recap - "Hey Dad"

ABC’s Scandal wrapped up its sophomore run with a flurry of frantic action, wheeling and dealing and lotsa revealing, snooping, near-deaths and tons of fast talking.

Among the big events:

* Governor Reston is working with Billy Chambers, and leveraged his newfound proof of teh Defiance scandal to get put on the re-election ticket.
* When Huck broke down during an interrogation of Bily, Quinn stepped in and drills the disgraced politico’s bits until he coughed up David Rosen’s name.
* Abby subsequently ransacked David’s place, discovering that during any alone time he had at OPA, he was trying out safe combos til he got it right.
* Just as they had figured out a plan to “handle” Mellie’s ouster, transitioning Liv in, Cyrus told Olivia about Fitz killing Verna and then played for his president the Liv/Jake sex tape. Thus, they broke up, at Olivia’s assistance.
* The episode ended with a happy Olivia montage… until she set foot outside for her morning run, met by the press asking about her affair with POTUS. She is hustled into a car, where she is met by Rowan… aka “Dad?!”