Gaga At Versus Versace Event

Gaga posted this on LM today, after staying silent for months.

It is a dangerous place where we put ART, but sacred where we make it.

An edited version of Gaga backstage at the event.

 photo tumblr_mmwon7Pmwc1qbh9xro1_1280_zps15303f6e.jpg

Backstage again.

 photo tumblr_mmwep6oOB51rwuj3lo1_500_zpsb626ac0b.png

Gaga leaving the event.

 photo 2-2_zps3136570e.jpg

unf, she looks amazing!!!!!!

Potential ARTPOP snippets.

As you may know, Gaga was the musical director of the Versus Versace fashion show earlier tonight. Now we don’t know for sure if the music played at and during the show and party were indeed instrumental snippets of some kind from ARTPOP, but there are hints and indications they might be.

Here are some short Vine videos from the show tonight:

And here's a full video of the instrumentals back to back.

DJWS also posted this on his twitter.
It pretty much confirms that the instrumentals that were premiered at the event were from him & Gaga & ARTPOP.

ugh, omg. im dying inside. i need more. it was sorta a letdown. i thought smth more would be premiered like with scheisse last time at the mugler fashion show. oh well. at least shes back for the moment. it was good to see her post on lm again. also, shes walking, wearing heels, & looking amazing. awww. im soo happy for her. :3

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